What kind of bottles/nipples do you (do you not) recommend?

PatyFebruary 4, 2002

We're starting DD in daycare tomorrow and they require a clean bottle for each feeding. That means I've got to buy some more. We've only got a few bottles and I've been using the evenflo 4 oz with matching silicone med. flow nipples. She seems to do real well with these. I've noticed certain nipples "give" her gas and I want to avoid that as much as possible. (Or, let's just say I've noticed a correlation between gas and certain nipples.) Before I go out and stock up on this type of bottle/nipple I was wondering if there were others you could recommend or say stay away from. I haven't had a problem with ear infections so I don't know if the angled bottles are necessary or not - but, then again, she's only 3 months old. Thanks!!!

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We used Avent and loved them.

I have heard bad things about any bottle with a rubber nipple as opposed to a silicone nipple. The rubber nipples actually have a taste to them. (Try it! LOL) The rubber nipples can also start to break down over time and they can get gummy or crumble.

As far as bottles, I heard bad things from my lactation consultant about the Playtex nursers that have those funny almost square shaped nipples.

As far as angled bottles, I don't know if they really make a difference or not. DD got the breast/bottle combo, with non-angled bottles, and did not have an ear infection her first year.

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I think babies have preferences and you have to go with your babies preference. After trying a few, the only ones my babies liked (all were bf for the first few months) were the Playtex ones that Karla's lactation consultant hated.

If you have bottles that your baby likes I would NOT change them at the same time you put her in daycare. To many changes. Good luck with your return to work.


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We use the playtex vent-aire bottles and nipples.

The bottles are curved and then have these flow plat things on the bottom of the bottle and the nipples are silicone with cross-hair holes. All aides in preventing air and gas.

My sitter likes them too, has even started using them for the other babies there.

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Definitely only silicon nipples... I too have tasted the rubber ones...they smell and taste terrible!!!!!!

We like the evenflow angled bottles, but for Nyomi it doesn't really matter which nipple or bottle, she's easy that way.

I'd recommend getting bigger bottles~We have mostly the 8 oz ones. DD now drinks between 4-6 oz. in a feeding.

love, jami

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We have tried may different ones and our Ds seems to like the Avent ones best. I am BF but I often pump and let DH feed the baby. (this also gives me a lot of freedom). I think the Avent nipples are most like BF.

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I also BF but use the Avent bottles and nipples for supplementing. They are more expensive than the others, but worth the initial investment, IMO. The nipples are designed to create less gas in baby and therefore, less spit-up. The bottle necks are wider for easier pouring and the nipples are shaped to mimic BF.

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I forgot to add this to my original post. I BF too, and DD got expressed BM in bottles during the day. I also think the Avent most closely matched BF.

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I hated Avent. I think they gave my son a bad nursing action that let my milk supply dwindle. The baby doesn't really get much nipple in his mouth--just the nub.

With nursing, part of the motion is a pressing down with the mouth behind the sinuses. With the Avent, there's no section of the nipple that can be treated that way by the baby's jaw. But I stuck with them because of all the stuff people say about them. After we stopped nursing, I looked at the Healthflow nipples, and realized I would have liked them better.

I like the Evenflo and the Johnson & Johnson Healthflo. I don't like Gerber (not enough of a bulb at the base), and I don't like Avent, and I don't like the Playtex ones.

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