Funcolors, can you help me?

aggieroseFebruary 7, 2013

You seem to know so much about colors and I just have such a hard time with it. I'm repainting my entire house soon and need one final color. I'll be using BM Collingwood for most of the walls and the ceiling. My dining room will be PP carob chip on the bottom (under the chair rail) and Collingwood will be on top of the rail. I want to do my office in a dark color, preferably in the gray/taupe family. But, I have these dark brown wood floors that I don't really like because they have a red tint. I need colors that will help camouflage the red, if possible. Any advice?

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Lori A. Sawaya

I can.

You had the right info. To deemphasize an undesirable hue bias, in this case it is red, you add more of the same hue. Crazy counterintuitive but it's usually the solution. The idea of "taupe" has a red hue bias. On threeapples thread she was trying SW's Functional Gray and Backdrop - both of those colors would be good options for you. Also pull Warm Stone and Brainstorm Bronze. One pair is cooler (Functional and Backdrop), the other warmer (Warm Stone and Brainstorm). Two colors lighter, two colors darker (obvious which is which). That should give you a good range to compare, derive color direction, and make a good color choice.

My guess from here is Warm Stone will look good.

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Funcolors, thank you for all your advice. My only concern about using your suggestion is that I have never liked colors with pink undertones. I'm concerned that using a color with pink undertones will help hide the red tint in the floor but will also leave me with walls that I don't love. So in the end I would have walls and floors that I don't love. So, after many hours searching on and seeing many examples of rooms with similar floors as mine, I decided to take a completely different approach and embrace the red tinted floors. I saw many rooms with green paint with the floors and I really liked it. So today I painted my office BM Copley Gray. I have to say, I LOVE it! I'm so glad that I searched Houzz! My floors look much richer now and I even like them better! Just hoping I still like it in the daylight hours! Thank you for all your help!

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Color combinations are everything! Glad you like your floors now.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Can either run away or to. It's the same with dim rooms; might be better to reconcile with what it is than try to make it be what it's not.

The floor is red. No better complement than a green. I'm sure it looks fabulous. Great job!

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