ear wax???

Nox225February 10, 2002

My DD woke up this morning with a big chunk of orange/brown wax that fell out of her ear. I always clean them with saftey q-tips after baths (several times a week) I do nurse her lying down at night (which I heard was bad for ears but it saves me so much with sleep). She hasn't been any more fussy or anything so I don't think he ear is infected. Anyone had something like this happen before?

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How big of a chunk? I also have noticed small pieces of wax coming from my DS ears. I don't do the q-tip thing, but just wipe them out with a kleenex after his bath. I am going to the Pediatrician on Wed for his 4 month checkup so I will ask about the wax output then.

If your daughter isn't complaining, I'm sure she's fine. I'll let you know what the ped says about wax.


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Sometimes DD will have a piece of earwax come out of her ear that is like the size of the inside O of a Cheerio. (If that makes sense). It just meant that her ear was cleaning itself of some of the wax and dirt. I don't know how big you mean when you say chunk, but unless it is very big or it seems to be bothering her, I personally would not worry about it.

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I have been told not to use any of the q-tips to clean their ear canals because what you are actually doing is pushing the wax down into the ear.

I know......I've cleaned my ears that way for years, but just to be on the safe side, I'm not doing it to my son.
I just wipe the inside of his ears with tissue and if I see a big hunk of wax down in there, I'll try and scoop it out with my finger nail.

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The general rule with stuff that comes out of ears is if it's not green, it's okay. If it's orange/brown in color your probably okay. If you have any concerns call the ped.

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Thanks guys! It was about the same size of Karla NE's post. I think everything is fine. I go for her 4 month check on Monday! I always use the safety q-tips. They don't even fit in the ear canal. I just hate dirty ears. I am so worried she will have ear problems. I had 6 sets of tubes in my ears from age 2-10!!! I don't want her to follow in my foot steps.....

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