Guardian Angel

all4cozyFebruary 13, 2002

The post about angels reminded me to post this.

We have two large, stained glass windows leaning in our window frames in front of the original windows. The frames are so heavy, we never dreamed our little guy could move them.

Well ... last weekend I ran in the kitchen to get Zach (2 years) a glass of milk. Ava (4 months) was lying in her Boppy and Zach was playing with his Fisher Price playset. I was out of the room for less than a minute when I heard this HUGE explosive crash.

You guessed it. Zach got up and somehow knocked the window out of place - and the whole thing came smashing down. Neither child was touched by the window or the glass. I can't even fathom how Zach DIDN'T get hit on the head, and had the window bounced in the opposite direction Ava would have been under it. SHUDDER.

I just fell to my knees and thanked the guardian angels who were surely there to protect my babies! And yes I feel like the worst mom in the world so please don't flame me.

Just thought I'd share. I DO believe in angels!


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Oh Jen, I got all teary reading your post. I am so grateful your babies are ok! I would definitely say their guardian angel was with them. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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