Couple of questions re baby food

vbiju_caFebruary 10, 2002

My DS is 4 months old and is on an eating spree. So far we have given him homemade soup with carrot, beans, peas and rice.

1. In leafy green veggies, what all can u make ?

2. What should u avoid for constipation ?

3. How often can you give prune juice and where do u get it?


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1. So far the only leafy green I've given is spinach, but I have wondered about lettuce.

2. The only food that really constipates my son is rice cereal, so we avoid that completely. I only give him bananas if I mix them with pears or apples and we've never had a problem with them.

3. I've never given prune juice, so I can't answer this question.

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