Rolling Over During Sleep

Monica1February 4, 2002

My 3 month old DD has just recently started rolling over. Lately she has been doing this in her sleep. Should I be overly concerned (SIDS)? Should I roll her back onto her back when I find her like this or leave her alone? Is this the time to put her in a wedge or would that be dangerous because it might make her stuck on her stomach? She has begun to sleep most of the night, however, I'm not because I'm worried about her sleeping on her stomach.

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The doc told me at the time that if a baby rolls over on their own, that it means their system is maturing, and SIDS is not as big of a concern. She recommended still putting her down on her back, but if she rolled over on her own, this was ok.

I was worried, too, because the 'back to sleep' sids campaign has been drilled into us. So I called my pediatrician.

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We got the same advice as TREKaren. Sure you can roll her back onto her back, but more than likely she will roll back over again if she has already done it once. Try not to worry. I know it is hard, I went through the same worry. It is amazing the stress they give us before they can even talk! ;-)

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