What did you wear postpartum?

Mary_RiversFebruary 7, 2002

Hi - I am due in March and am trying to figure out what would be most comfortable to wear for the first few weeks postpartum. What was you experience in this regard? Did you still wear your maternity outfits? I find it hard to belive that pre-pg clothes are going to fit straighaway - if ever!

Thanks for any input.


EDD 3/13

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I still wore some of my maternity close that weren't too frumpy. Some of them didn't fit well after 7 months pregnant, but they fit pretty well again postpartum. I also wore sweat pants and elastic clothes. I bought a coule things in a size bigger (hoping they would be too big soon) just so I had some nicer things to wear than sweats. I have dresses that fit loosely and button down the front, I wore those mostly when I had to be "dressed" and not just thrown together. The same things I wore at around 3-4 months pregnant when the regular clothes don't fit, but maternity still looks huge.

If you want to look good coming home from the hospital, take a pull over cotton dress. If you don't care about fashion, take stretch pants.

But, honestly, I mostly wore my pajamas for a few weeks. LOL. Unless I was going somewhere, I stayed as comfortable as possible!

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I agree with the PJs :) ...I actually lost all my baby weight in the hosptial (I was back to pre-preg. weight, anyway, I lost like 8 pounds during my first 3 months!). BUT I still had that belly thing going on...talk about gross! lol :) I wore some overalls that I already had home, and stayed in my pjs after that! IF I went anywhere I wore overalls or like Stepanie said, I would wear a loose fitting dress or skirt (I had some elastic skirts I bought when first pg.)...

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Sweats!!! and I am not a sweats person! Pj bottoms too. I had a c-section so I was extra sensitive tummy and bikini line. You should just stay in sweats for a few weeks even if you feel good. I also wore some cute dress things over my sweats! I kept my maternity stuff in my closet until just last week (baby girl is 12 weeks tomorrow), but never wore them!!

love, jami

best wishes!

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For nursing shirts: In the first several weeks (2 months?) I liked using a button-down-the-front shirt; I could open it up and SEE what was going on. I didn't have to hold onto my shirt; I could hold the baby's head and my breast. Nursing shirts w/ horizontal flaps created a barrier between me and the baby's mouth, and I couldn't see her latch on. Plus, I had to hold the flap up out of the way.

After I felt comfortable w/ our nursing relationship, I liked the horizontal flaps often (though I still liked a button-front shirt). And then got better at using a loose-fitting T-shirt (one that didn't have too-long a tail).

For the other body stuff, I wore maternity clothes, and then stretchy things.

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I had a c-section so I had a sensitive tummy line for a while too. In the first 2 wks I wore jammies & some of the less baggy maternity clothes. I then wore mostly lose fitting dresses & things you'd wear in the early stages of pregnancy when maternity clothes are still too big. I wore allot of elastic stuff - like shorts & capri outfits. I did buy about 3 outfits specifically for that period.

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Right before I gave birth, my mom bought me a great pair of comfy pajamas. They have elastic waist bottoms and a top that buttons down the front. I lived in those the first few weeks. Now that it's almost three months later, I'm a SAHM and I live in sweats, stretch pants, and my husbands size 36 waist jeans. Pre-preg I wore a size 10. I still have an extra 15 pounds to lose and it's all in my hips. I can't even get my old size 10 pants over my hips at all! Very depressing. I figured out that I am 4 inches bigger around on all my measurements right now! I'm just anxiously waiting for Spring to arrive so I can get outside with the baby. I know I'll lose the weight then. Breastfeeding has literally sucked the weight off of me though. I gained 40 lbs with this baby and lost most of it within the first few weeks. But like I said, once I can get outside, I will lose the rest. I told myself when I was still pregnant, when this was over, I have to follow in my mother's footsteps and be the "hot mommy" on the block, not the frumpy one! Good Luck and just think comfort, that's the most important.

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When I was pregnant during the first three and a half or four to six months I had clothes that were lose and roomy, not maternity clothes. Of course I graduated to the maternity clothes . I felt it handy to have these lose fitting clothes after having a baby. Also it was good to not have to wear my maternity clothes so long when I was pregnant.
It sure did make it easy when four weeks later I took the baby out.
The button up shirts seem perfect.
And I don't know many people who lost all their weight after coming home from the hospital, I imagine there are some lucky women that do. It took me about 6 mo. when mine were small and exercies too!

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