Tobacco Road Paint Color

cocorhumJuly 13, 2012

Does anyone know if Duron Tobacco Road is the same color as Behr Premium Plus Raffia Ribbon? Does anyone have the Duron Paint chip to compare it to? I got a sample of Tobacco Road mixed at Sherwin Williams and it's super yellow/gold. Thanks!

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Lori A. Sawaya

No, it's not. And the original mix from Duron is not super yellow/gold. I describe it as a golden buff or warm champagne gold.

SW's standard computer match to TR has a tendency to have an odd dimension, like an under undertone, of green.

TR is one of those colors where the right mix really matters in order to get it to look like the original chips. Some colors cross brands, sheens, grades, etc. and remain extraordinarily consistent. TR isn't one of those colors.

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Do you know any other colors that are very similar that I could see the actual paint chip? The Sherwin Williams color is also pretty bright, just wondering how bright the original color actually is. I read a blog online that says Behr Raffia Ribbon is the same color, although I think she got her "tobacco road" color mixed from Home Depot's computer. I give up!

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Lori A. Sawaya

"The same color" is a canned response. What it means is according to the computer Raffia Ribbon is the closest color Behr has to Tobacco Road. That does not mean it is the same color.

just wondering how bright the original color actually is

LRV speaks to the dimension of color that is light/dark. Bright is a different assessment of color because it's about vivid/dull. Even tho bright is different from light, the two dimensions of color are inextricably tied. So, even tho LRV doesn't speak directly to brightness it does give us a hint. Tobacco Road's LRV is 49.

Behr Raffia Ribbon really is not that close - it's a darker shade and we know that by its LRV of 45.72. Tobacco Road is LRV 49 and is lighter and by default also brighter.

Looking beyond just the numbers, eyeballin' it up, the difference is apparent. Raffia Ribbon looks dull, extreme opinion would be *dead*, in comparison to TR. (I have the Behr fan, have the original Duron TR large paint chips plus hand-painted samples of Tobacco Road)

TR is balanced between warm and fresh, golden and sunny. And that's why it was an insanely popular color. Its LRV of 49 is an indicator of its mid-range and balance.

Sherwin Williams bought Duron and will still mix the colors but they don't have any collateral (chips) to support it and/or confirm what they mix. Could try another brand and have a sample mixed up and see if you think it's a prettier color. Just not Pratt & Lambert because that's also SW.

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Thank you so much for your in depth explanation! I appreciate it. That all makes sense to me. Do you happen to have the Benjamin Moore deck too? I've also seen TR compared to Shelburne Buff and also Sherwin Williams Dromedary Camel?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Shelburne has a LRV of 48, Dromedary is right there with Raffia - both have LRV 45.

They're all in the same neighborhood. Dromedary and Shelburne are the most 'interchangeable' out of all of the possible combinations.

Ellen Kennon mixed TR full spectrum and it's a pretty color but it is more 'glowy' and has a brighter nuance than the original TR. It works but doesn't have that toned and restrained slant that appeals to so many.

It's the perfect pitch of toned nuance that the pseudo mixes can't seem to capture. Unnoticeable to most people. But there are those who can see/sense/feel it's not quite *it*. . . especially if they've seen a real sample of TR.

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Wow - thanks! I guess I better just give up on finding that Tobacco Road color. I just want a nice warm golden color without noticeable green or pink undertones - like the pictures I see of TR. The current color in here which I did not choose, is Behr Basketry - which seems to be a pinky toned beige and can look fleshy and also greyish in different lights - I want something warmer but not screaming gold. Maybe Behr Raffia Ribbon will be good enough to push the color to a warmer tone but not too much.

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funcolors - I'm sorry to bother you again but do you happen to have the LRV of Behr Basketry and also how close it TR to Sherwin William Restrained Gold or Blonde?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Not in my office, don't have the Behr fan but anyone at the Home Depot can look it up in their fandeck and tell you - LRV is listed in the index.

Can say for sure Restrained Gold and Blonde aren't even close to the same neighborhood as TR. In fact, that's how the TR story spun out. RG and Blonde are gold/yellow and people started searching for something less yellow more tan. Voila the rise of TR began.

If you have a California Paints or Frazee Paints, they still have TR chips. (I think) They still use the color collection that Duron used. Those aren't national brands and I always forget about them as a resource because not available to everyone.

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I do have a store really close to me that sells California Paints. Even if they don't have the chip anymore, I hope they still have the formula in their system ... and if I get it mixed in California Paints it should be the *true* TR color ... right? I don't want another knockoff formula that isn't quite right. I asked about Restrained Gold and Blonde because I know I do not want those colors and I have read some people who say these are close to TR. You know, my SW mix of TR looks just what I'm looking for in some lights, but a little scary gold in others. Maybe the real TR is like that too.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Get a sample! yay! California Paints is a super brand. This is my opinion and a few 'paint people' have told me I'm nuts but I feel SW colorants have a really strong green. With many colors crossed into SW I see that under undertone of green. I quit asking other people if they see it too because all I get is looked at like I have two heads.

TR mixed elsewhere, according to my color logic ;), would likely not have that under undertone of green - or maybe let's say 'not as strong'.

I've had TR mixed in just about every national brand and with TR the under undertone of green happens in other brands too, not just SW. The trick is in the black to gray ratio, more gray than black = less green under undertone. There's a reason there is so much chatter out there about TR. Kind of reminds me of recipes for paella - everyone thinks they have the 'best' one. :)

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Thanks for all your help funcolors - I will get a sample in the California Paints tomorrow ... which one of their paints do you like? I was hoping to use SW since they keep having 40% off sales in my area and I will be needing a lot of paint. It looks like California paints are more expensive. Ugh.

You say you have had TR mixed elsewhere and you have the actual TR paint chip - so do you know which brand came the closest to the real TR? I guess I'm like you and can see those green undertones. My husband thinks I'm nuts and am being too picky.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Oooooh, he's in trouble. :)

I don't know California Paints 'paint'. I only know the palettes. They use two, the one that Duron used and they also license the Perfect Palette from Dunn-Edwards - which is a to die for gorgeous collection of color.

But I do know California Paints has been ranked #1 several times - I forget who, maybe Consumer Reports? (for whatever that's worth)

Here's the thing. . . many mixes 'come close'. True story, I have 3 different TR formulas from the same store, the same brand. Only thing that was different was the person matching the chip. That paella thing again.

Maybe the best thing to do is to get sample sizes of a few and see which one works in your room's light. California Paints is a great place to start!

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Lori A. Sawaya

What if you get the sample from California and you love it, then take the brush-out to SW?

That could work - if you are able to show the mixer person, give him/her something tangible for comparison.

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Today looking at my swatch of SW mixed Tobacco Road, it looks really nice. That color seems to change a lot depending on the lighting but also the angle I am viewing it from. Right now I don't see much green, but other times of the day I do. Looking at it straight on it is a very nice warm rich looking color, but when I look from an angle, it seems it does not have much color at all. I suppose this will happen with every paint color. Maybe I am being too picky. I'm just nervous to paint this large of an area with that color and then dislike it. Do you think TR will be overwhelming gold if it is painted in a 2 story open foyer, 2 story family room, kitchen, and halls?

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What about BM Decatur Buff or does this have an odd undertone as well?

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I've read that SW Tobacco Road and SW Whole Wheat are similar, with Tobacco Road being a bot more gold in tone.

I have Believable Buff in a bedroom which is one shade lighter than Whole Wheat. The Believable Buff is a nice beige in a lower light setting but with sun it has a nice golden hue.

I imagine Whole Wheat would be similar.

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What about Sherwin Williams Stonebriar? I wonder if that will work - it doesn't appear to have the greenish undertone.

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Could you use this formula tag - notice the date is 2008 - it was reduced to 25% strength - but just have the make it full strength?
I am also considering TR - but, I haven't a clue how to get it RIGHT. I do not have a CA Paint store in PA. or Frazee paint store.
Can anyone help me find the right TR. Could I use this tag too?

Here is a link that might be useful: TR Label

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So, I'm looking on line for images of TR - then I see that EK has her version that funcolors mentioned. I went to the page and EK calls it: Champagne Gold....That's the EK color that I have in my MB&MB. I LOVE the EK color in my rooms -BUT, if it is close to the original TR -it is wayyy too gold for my FR. So, maybe I should get it mixed at 50% and 25% and see how it looks in my space.
I'm just shocked that I basically "almost" have TR.
I am after a good year still looking for the perfect color for my entry and FR. I am really no closer than I was a year ago. I am now working w/a decorator and she seems a bit stumped too...
I have just tried EK Luminaire and Honeysuckle and they aren't "right" either....

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