Is it a stage?

MakenziesMomFebruary 12, 2002

My 15 week DD has been chewing on everything she can get her tiny hands on for about a month now! She can't be getting teeth already, is this normal? Is it a stage? Usually doesn't bother me till just a bit ago when she got a handful of my hair and chomped down...


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My DS will be 14 weeks tomorrow and he has been chewing on his hands for about 5 weeks. He chews/sucks on them all the time! In the last 1 1/2 weeks he has really started drooling a ton too. I don't know if it is teething or just a stage. Hopefully someone else can answer for us.


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I would say it is a stage. DS is now almost 8 months. At the age of your little ones, he was doing the same thing, but he didn't get his 2 teeth until 6 1/2 months. It may be teething, but in my situation, he just loved his fist!

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Baby's can get teeth at anytime but my DD (4months) has been chewing on her hands and drooling ALOT for the last month or two. I don't feel any bumps on her gums either.

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Yes, it's a stage and because it's unending, it's another sign that your little one is not yet ready for solid foods. It's my understanding that they are drooling a lot because the salive part is working, but they haven't yet figured out how to move the saliva from the front of their mouths to the back and then to swallow it (which is what they would also have to be able to do with solid foods). My little guy started the same thing at 3 months-- and didn't get any teeth until 9 months! Now when he drools, it means he is working on more teeth (seems like that happens in fits and starts, though, and the teeth take awhile!!).



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You never know. My DD is one week shy of 4 months and she was chewing on any and everything and she now has two bottom front teeth poking up. So never say never;)

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Teething is a stage, and yes, they are starting to teeth. Liam turned three months on Sunday and has been eating his fists and drooling like crazy for the last few weeks. The books I have read say that the teething process can begin months before teeth actually show up. It can take that long for them to develop and push through. I know personally with me it took a few years for my wisdom teeth to come in fully. Liam's gums definately hurt him sometimes because he gets very cranky and will refuse the pacifier but loves a cold wet washcloth to suck on. I'll probably go out and look for a soft teething ring soon.

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Do they still make those teething pretzels?? I have not seen any and I wanted to get one. Has anybody seen any at the stores?

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Teething actually starts way before any teeth pop through. I didn't know that until DS started chewing on everything and then MIL said he was getting his teeth or something. They didn't cut through yet but it was like some of them were working they're way slowly and it just felt better to chew on stuff.

BTW~from about that time up until a year or 18 months, everything will go in the mouth! It seems to last forever but it does end :-)


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I don't know about teething pretzels-- but we love plain frozen bagels for teething!! We use a quarter bagel at a time right out of the freezer. Just have to watch as they thaw that kiddo doesn't break off too big a chunk (I worry about it being a choking hazard).



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