breast engorgement at night and some other questions (long)

niktenFebruary 4, 2002

Ltely DD has been sleeping through the night:) She is 3 1/2 months now. Since she doesn't eat at all after 9:30p my breasts are extremely engorged when I get up and when she isn't awake yet I pump. I was just wondering if this is something that will stop happening after a while or if this is always going to happen. Sometimes I pump before I go to bed and that helps a little bit too.

2) I heard someplace that around 3 months after the birth, your breast size goes back to normal size but mine actually went up another size after 2 months. When do they go back somewhat near my normal size?

3) I read someplace that babies can learn to manipulate their parents by crying and learning that the crying gets them picked up. I thought the age they said that the child can comprehend this was by 6 months. Has anyone else heard this at all? right now I pick her up when she is crying and then I try to pick her up a lot when she is not so she will not get the idea that I only do this for crying purposes.

4) When you put your child into their playpen and they are not old enough to sit up on their own, what exactly are they supposed to do to entertain themselves or do you wait until they are old enough to sit up or do you only put them in their for naps when they can't sit up yet? I heard that it was not good for them to be in the car seat all the time but DD can play with her rattles in the car seat but loses them in the play pen. It makes me feel like I am neglecting her.


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1) Your breasts will adjust to your DD sleeping through the night. It may take a couple of weeks for your body to completely adjust.

2) My breasts did go back to normal around 5 months. I think every woman is different, so I would not worry to much. I would bet it will be in the next month or so, since your DD is now sleeping through the night.

3) This is a hot topic, and it all depends upon your personal beliefs. Some people, including myself, agree with the statements you made. Others will tell you the opposite. It just depends upon how you decide to parent.

4) When they can't sit up yet, they can't really do much to entertain themselves either. Tummy time is good, and it gets them off their back. Also, if you don't have one, I strongly recommend purchasing an exersaucer. We introduced our DD to it around 3 1/2 or 4 months. At first she was somewhat leary of it, but within a couple of weeks she always wanted to be in there having fun.

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It's true, your body will adjust on the engorgement thing. If you pump, just do enough to take the edge off, don't empty them. If you empty them, it will take longer for your body to adjust.

My breasts didn't go back to "normal" until I stopped breastfeeding. Even so, it is a new normal. At first, even though no longer enlarged, they were stretched and I thought they would look like old sweatsocks forever. But after a couple months, they looked a little closer to before baby, but not exactly. Sorry if that's a litte *too* much information. :o)

You *will know* when your child is manipulating you. You know her needs better than any doctor, book, or well meaning relative. I don't think there is a set age when they figure it out, but it is a child's job in life to manipulate his/her parents. S ince they can't even manipulate their own bodies, I like to give them a little slack as babies. It's not always a bad thing, it's how they survive. You will know better than any outsider when it has crossed the line, then you can deal with it case by case.

I found it easier to use the floor than the playpen. It was a lot easier for me to get down on her level that way. I saved the playpen for when she was mobile and needed a little containment for safety. Again, this is an area when you can see your child's needs, day by day, better than anyone else. If she is content, I wouldn't fix what isn't broken. She'll let you know when she needs a change of scenery.

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