Cooked Seafood Safety

shaxhomeNovember 14, 2012

Hello to all! I'm a regular reader of this forum, but never have anything of value to offer. But I do have a question that I'm sure the experts here can answer...

Last night, I cooked a magnificent (if I do say so myself!) seafood linguini marina, with tomato base, EVOO, chillies, red wine, black olives, capers, lemon juice, lots of garlic and onions, touch of ginger and a few of my favourite herbs. And a mix of squid, mussels, scallops, white fish, salmon, prawns and octopus.

But I could only eat half, so zip-locked and froze the remainder for another day.

However, being seafood, will it be safe to eat in, say, a week or so's time?

Would appreciate opinions/experiences/hard facts!

Regards to all,


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If you froze it, there is no reason it would not be safe to eat a week later. Do you have a reason not to trust your freezer? When you freeze seafood as you described, you should freeze individual portions, as you would not want to freeze additional leftovers. I frequently make seafood gumbo in large batches and then freeze the leftovers in individual serving sizes, although I do not add octopus to the mix. The prawns and squid might be a bit more tough after reheating, but they will certainly be safe, so long as your freezer is cold enough, which should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius.

It does sound like you did include the entire marina in your dish, and so the name makes sense. I wish I had been there to help you finish it!


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Hi, Lars! Appreciate your reply. I've heard so many stories (myths?) about the dangers of re-heating seafood, that I'm a bit leery just thinking about this. But I suppose if the worst that can happen is that I die of botulism, it's really insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

Yes, my freezer is trustworthy, and the remaining portion is a one meal size. Although if you'd care to join me here in Australia to share the meal, I can happily extend the quantity to suit the 2 of us!
A couple of crusty bread rolls, some grated pecorino and freshly ground black pepper, a bottle of really good local Shiraz, followed by a cheese platter, a chilled botrytus wine, coffee, brandy and a philosophical chat would be a fine ending to the evening.

And I'll even make my specialty, Indian kulfi, to cleanse the palate. Do you prefer mango or chocolate?

Whaddya reckon?


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Welcome Shax! I agree with Lars on his freezing comments. I have a niece that lives in Australia. She raves about the seafood she has access to.

Hope to see more of you.

Teresa in Minnesota

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I may have to take you up on that invitation - I prefer mango flavored kulfi, and I used to have my own mango tree. If you visit me here in L.A. in a couple of years, I should have my own cherimoya to offer you. Your meal sounds absolutely wonderful - I'm a huge fan of seafood and everything else you mentioned. As for the philosophical chat - that would be great as well. I'm currently reading books on paleoanthropology, and there are several different theories about how people got to Australia and when. I think they crossed a land bridge between Ethiopia and Yemen when they left Africa, but from there, I'm not sure.

I hope to see more of you here as well.


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Lars - Land bridge? I always assumed the convicts got there by boat!

Just kidding, of course. I've got distant relatives in Australia, by way of my great great grandfather who built what became the PM's official residence, the Kirribilli House. I'd love to visit.

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Well, when you visit, don't just stick to the east coast, which is where most Americans tend to visit, plus Uluru. Come west- we have a lot to offer as well (and much more clean beaches :-) ).

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Colleen, if I ever get to Australia, you are my first stop!

Shax, your seafood should be just fine frozen and reheated. Botulism is a problem when you provide an anaerobic environment for it to flourish.

Food poisoning, now that's something else. (grin) But, you'd have to have either gotten contaminated ingredients before preparing them (and since you didn't get sick, it's probably OK) or have stored them improperly before freezing.

No, I think your worst problem may be with the texture of frozen and reheated pasta, not with the seafood. Which sounds delicious, BTW.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, I hope you post more often.


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Annie, I'm here to report that I reheated that marinara (added more shiraz, chilli, lemon juice, tomatoes, capers, olives...otherwise didn't touch it!) And it was delicious!That was a couple of hours ago, and no ill effects so f

And guys got electricity there yet? Just kidding! One of the world's most beautiful coasts in Western Australia...

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And I meant to thank you all for the warm welcomes! Actually, I've been living in India and Bhutan for the last 3 years, just having a couple of weeks' R&R back in Oz, and am so enjoying this short time gorging on seafood and quality wines (even Margaret River ones, Colleen!).

I just tried to say "paleoanthropology" 3 times quickly, and am now waiting on the ambulance crew to arrive and untangle my tongue...

Another good place to start reading about drifting continents (especially Australia and Africa), is by Googling "Gondwanaland".

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Oh, and FOAS...Kirribilli House? Arguably the most expensive and desirable pieces of real estate in the country! Right on Sydney Harbour, with views to the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge...and possibly decent fishing from the foreshores.

Have a look what your family has created...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kirribilli House

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