Avent Isis pump - - problem solved

TyraFebruary 5, 2002

WoW, I can't say enough nice things about the Avent company (and no I don't work for them!).

I have the Avent Isis pump and have loved it. . . Works strong/fast, no batteries needed, better results (in my opinion) than the electric ones I've tried. Then the adapter that connects the bottle to the funnel started breaking. Only using it about twice a week (I work two half days outside the home while my mom sits Cole), I kept on using it, planning to write a letter to them, hoping I wouldn't have to buy a whole new one.

Decided I'd call just to ask for the best way of handling it, whether by mail or email (with photos of the broken parts!!) and they are shipping replacement parts to me at no charge! I am so pleased, thought I'd recommend them!

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Yes, they do have GREAT customer service, don't they! I called them because I had some of their sealing discs that were not "sealing". They sent me a ton of new ones on the spot at no charge! I wish all companies were that good!

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I had the same problem as you, and they sent me the new pump part, no questions asked, and I received it within the week. I was really surprised it was so easy, to say the least.
The only other thing, is that when I mentioned it to my lactation consultant at the hospital, she said that I was the 6th person in the last year with the same complaint. I wonder if it has something to do with the plastic itself or a problem with the threading on the neck? Well, as long as customer service is this good, there's obviously nothing to worry about, anyway.

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I have had the Avent Isis pump since my 2 year old was born and still use it with my 4m old and I have never had a problem with any parts breaking...and it is a wonderful pump. I have recommended it to all of my breastfeeding friends.


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I also like my Avent pump that I use with my DD (4 months). The only thing I don't like is taking it apart to clean. I also had a problem with one of the avent bottles leaking around the rubber of the nipple and I called the company and they put another one in the mail for me.

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