cleaning baby's mouth/gums

niktenFebruary 4, 2002

Do any of you clean out your baby's mouth with a wet washcloth or gauze or anything? Just wondering about that. I keep reading that you should clean off their gums every night.

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Yes-- I do after every solids feeding (3X/day). DS is 10 1/2 mos and still breastfed as well-- we don't do it after nursing.

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And how do you do this? My 7 month old, now with 6 teeth, can't stand for me to go into his mouth!

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I wet a baby washcloth and put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds so it's nice and warm. I wrap a corner of the cloth around my finger and just wipe the top gums and then the bottom gums and wipe the front and back of his teeth (only 4 so far-- and none before 9 months). After that I use the rest of the cloth to wipe his face and hands and then I put on lotion, pull down his sleeves and unbuckle him from his highchair. It's just part of our routine. I must say though-- kiddo is great about this for me, but not so great for his daddy-- not sure why.

Hope this helps!


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We use the Gerber "toothpaste" and "toothbrush". You can use it on gums and/or teeth. The toothpaste is apple/banana flavor, but does not contain fluorides, which can be harmful to babies. It is actually a gel consistency too. The toothbrush is a rubber cap that slides over your finer. It has mini textured nubs that act as bristles. It works well. The brush and paste come as a set. You just replace the old brush with the new one when you get the new toothpaste.

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