Happy Holidays Kids!

michaelmaxpNovember 30, 2012

It has been a long long time since I've been around this neck of the woods.

Of all things to bring me back... I needed the recipe for Caramel Covered Cheetos (blush).

Well, I hope things are well. Take care!


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Good to see you in this neck of the woods.

Last week I was going to make the annual Caramel Covered Cheetos for the kids (and me). I bought 2 bags of Cheetos, got everything ready to make them, opened the bags and found that all the Cheetos were rejects! Like so many things, they just weren't the Cheetos of old. I didn't make them because they were too skinny to make CCC.

So, check your Cheetos first.

Caramel Cheetos

- 2 c light brown sugar
- 1 c margarine
- 1/2 c light corn syrup

- 1/2 tsp baking soda
- 2 - 9 oz. pkg. Cheetos

1. Mix sugar, margarine and corn syrup in pan. Bring to a boil. Boil 5 minutes, stirring often. Remove from heat and add soda. Stir until light in color and foamy. Spray a roasting pan (deep 10 x 14) with Pam. Put Cheetos in pan. Pour the mixture over Cheetos and stir, coating each piece. Place in oven at 250 degrees.

2. Bake for 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes. Immediately, pour onto wax paper, or cookie sheets, sprayed with Pam. (This is the hard part.) VERY QUICKLY spread out as thin as possible. If not quick and spread out as thin as possible, you will get a big hard glob.

3. After about 5 minutes, pull/break these apart even more and loosen them from the wax paper. If you don't, you'll have wax paper stuck to them when you go to eat them.

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Well well if it isn't my fav coffee buddy. Don't be such a stranger!

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Good to see you Michael! Don't be such a strager indeed!


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Hey hey Michael!

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I agree, come back more often, it's good to see you again.

Happy Holidays right back at ya.

Oh, hey, I made coffee in the Chemex this morning. (That ought to bring him back to comment)!


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Annie, pretty smart baiting me with a coffee contraption. It worked.

I haven't used that device, although very similar to a Melitta drip or one of the many knock-offs. I haven't done the homework yet but it looks like Chemex started the whole drip thing- very cool. I'll have to do taste comparisons to see what I think of paper filters though. I've been under the impression that non paper filters let the flavorful oils and light sediment through. Chemex suggests that they get a better cup by holding back the oils and sediments. I'll get back to you on that one,

To you old GW pals that said hi, thank you, you have been missed. As seems to be the nature of my second fifty years on earth, I start a new job every couple years so am always seriously busy in the ramping up department. When I'm buried, I usually lay low from the blogosphere. My last time hanging around here, it was getting kind of tense- I hope things have calmed down some.

Since those glorious days of coffee klatching with you all, I've taken up low and slow BBQ- when done properly, oh my, what tasty vittles. I have learned a chicken technique that takes about 2 1/2 hours to do, thighs for me but anything would work, that is to die for. I'll get around to sharing that when I get a chance.


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Michael, the Chemex makes some darned good coffee and now that I'm retired I actually have time to drip the water through the thing and make coffee. Locally roasted Paramount breakfast blend is my current "thing". Definitely try it.

Say, I'm thinking of taking the little gold filter gadget I have to make tea and putting coffee in it, then pouring the hot water over to make a single cup, sort of like the Chemex, but without the paper filter. What do you think, will it work? And should I just let it sit in the cup for a minute or two to "brew"?

BBQ, huh? You have a smoker?

Nah, things haven't really calmed down much....

Welcome back.


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Chemex- I'm not sure how the Chemex works- Is it a glass top that holds the filter, pour in hot water and let gravity take over? If so, the gold filter would probably work but it might go through faster than paper. If you had to soak it first before letting it drip, it wouldn't be worth the hassle. If you already have "some darned good coffee" why stir the pot (so to speak).

BBQ- I started with a charcoal BBQ/"smoker" that made good stuff but wasn't really a smoker and was a bear to monitor for a long cook. I watched the pros on TV for a while and consider a convoluted wood smoker but it would have cost a fortune and would have been total overkill for the small quantities that I cook these days. I settled for a pellet smoker that gets nice results and is pretty easy to work once you figure out the best techniques for pellets.

Cheetos- I can't seem to do anything with moderation. I just finished baking three 21 oz caramel cheeto recipes. I'm sending some to mom and am entering a baking contest at work for a Christmas staff meeting. I'm baking apple pie for the "best" traditional category and the cheetos for the "diverse or quirky" category... I might just have a chance.


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Michael, that's exactly how it works, it's a glass carafe shaped like an hour glass, the filter goes on top, the ground coffee into the filter and you pour not-quite-boiling water over the coffee, letting it drip into the bulb of the carafe below.

It makes 4 cups, though and I haven't figured out how to do one, plus I have to use one of their kind of expensive filters to make a single cup. That's why I was considering the gold tea filter when I just want one cup. Actually, I can drink 4 cups easily, but Elery drinks decaf and sometimes he only wants a cup. He doesn't like French Press coffee, which I think is pretty good, so that's out.

Aw heck, I guess I'll just have to try it and see!

Good luck in the baking contest.


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You can buy non-paper "permanent" filters for any coffee maker. If the filter was the problem in making it expensive. Best of both worlds for you Annie?

Michael, I cannot believe the amount of "goose poop" (isn't that what Linda calls it? She's the one who brought us the recipe) you have there! Wow!

Here is a link that might be useful: stainless steel chemex reusable filter

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Great Job Michael!! I think your "diverse or quirky" entry will be the winner.

I wish my Cheetos looked like yours but when I opened the bags, they looked like crumbs not nice generous pieces. I'll try again for Christmas. Maybe I can feel them through the bag. Aldi's Cheeto product is in clear bags and they look a little better than the Frito-Lay brand that I had.

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Thanks, Rob, that's a good idea just for MY coffee. I'm still struggling with the single cup option for Elery though. Maybe I just can't wrap my head around ONE cup of coffee.

Actually, I figured since I already had the tea filter thingy, maybe it would work...

I mentioned the caramel covered cheetos to Elery, I think I might have to make a batch for his grandkids. I don't like the stuff, because I don't care much for Cheetos, but the Grandkids love it. I'll bet Elery's grandkids would too.


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Michael - Count me as another who misses seeing your posts. Fairly recently I was wishing you were around. Surely I had a coffee question, not 100% sure what now, perhaps it was for your opinion on the cold water brew toddy system?

Very nice batch of Cheetos! They're on request here every Christmas, so I should probably start looking for some unsmooshed bags.

Anyway, welcome back, hope you check in more often.

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