Did anyone see ER last night???

PatyFebruary 1, 2002

If you missed it it was a very good one. Dr Green & Dr. Cordea's (spelling???) baby got into Rachel's backpack and took some ecstasy.

I was a frantic mess when that baby was in pain from the OD! I know it's just a TV show but I was in tears by the end! I just kept thinking of my own DD and feeling for the parents! I really hope she pulls through!

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I missed it, but now that I am hearing what happened, I am glad I missed it! That would be too heart wrenching to watch.

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I couldn't watch either. I made it through the 1st half, then when she found the pill fragments in the vomit I changed it!

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I watched. It wasn't easy or fun to watch.

God, all the stuff we overlooked and took for granted before.

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And if I recall Rachel is Dr. Green's first daughter right? So now she's into drugs? POOR dr. Cordea!

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I saw it too. It made me cry. Of course the boy with cancer also made me cry since I just lost my 3 year old niece to cancer. I don't think I will be watching it again soon.

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It was definitly a heart wrenching episode! Can you imagine being in they're situation? I saw that in next weeks episode Dr. Green says he can't be made to choose between his two daughters and then you see Elizabeth telling Rachel she is to pack her bags and go back to live with her mother. I thought things were going too smoothly when they kept showing Rachel being the big sister and something was going to happen. Very interesting show!


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I actually missed last weeks, but I had taped it. My mom recommeded I not watch it or this week's b/c it didn't look good for the baby from the previews and she thought that might be how they get Dr. Greene off the show (b/c you know he's leaving this season). Just a warning to those who found it hard to watch, as I'm sure I would have.


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I was nauseous after watching it.


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I saw it too - I cried throught he whole thing & kept picturing my daughter in her place.

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