Sleep Training - Jodi Mindell

Monkey3February 3, 2002

Did anyone try to sleep train their child using Jodi Mindell's technique? SHe is known as the "kinder, gentler Ferber". Once DS is over his cold, I want to start sleep training him and thought of trying her method. I was wondering if anyone had any success with it, how it worked, etc.

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We did not use her particular techinique. However, the techniques we used worked wonderfully. DD is an excellent sleeper. I know this does not answer your question directly, but I just wanted to share a positive experience with sleep training.

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What sleeping technique did you use? Very curious.


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We took some of the points from Babywise and Ferber. We did not follow either to a tee. The biggest things that helped us were 1) the eat/play/sleep technique, and 2) giving DD time to calm herself down and learn to fall asleep on her own by not responding immediately to her fussing if we knew she was fed, changed, not sick, etc.

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We also followed Babywise for our little guy. (also not to to a tee) but we also found the eat/play/sleep thing works wonderfully. I wish we would have used it for our first child. Our DS is totally scheduled and he is the happiest little baby I have ever known!!! At 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm, that boy is sleeping no matter where he is!!

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