fascinated by his cough

TyraFebruary 4, 2002

Cole, now 4 1/2 months old, has started coughing just for fun. I know he's not seriously coughing this much because he:

1. does it during playing

2. is encouraged by his grandma who coughs back

3. just smiles through it!

It's incredibly cute.

His cousin (now 2 1/2 yrs old) used to think it was soooo funny when others sneezed! Does your little one do something like this?

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Yes! It was so cute when my six month old baby boy was about four months Daddy got a cold and cough. Next thing we knew our baby had a pretend "cough". He would smile too, just like yours and then it seemed he started to do it for extra attention when he was fussy. It was cute. He doesn't do it that much anymore. But I agree it was really adorable!

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When dd was a baby, one of her sitters was 'on up in years'. The darling lady would grunt with effort when getting up from the rocking chair. DD started making the same sound effect when she would sit up or pull up. It was funny to all of us except her sitter! :-)

-grunt- getting up to get more coffee! Later!

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Yeap, my 7 month old ds does the same thing and yes it is cute!

But I'm tired of telling people, he's really not sick, it's a play cough, they never believe me....

And after awhile of him doing this, I'm thinking, he's going to have a sore throat if he doesn't stop..LOL

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Oh yes, the "fake-cough-that-gets-me-attention"! DD did that too. Too cute!

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Then one day you'll be in a public place and the stranger behind you starts coughing over their own cigarette, and they baby coughs in mimick ... a little awkward, but very funny!

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You all seem very nice. But, as a 4 and a half month old with a vested interest in manipulating my parents, I'd like you to not talk about this anymore. I just started this coughing thing and I don't want them to figure it out too soon.



Here is a link that might be useful: me

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