What to put in the 'hospital bag'?

bearcat_vaFebruary 6, 2008

I was hoping you experts could help me compile a list of things to put in my hospital bag for myself and preparation for baby. Websites and books give so many versions of lists, I would have to bring a suitcase full of stuff if I followed all of it!

We got the car seat yesterday and plan to have it installed and inspected by the fire department next week. We are due on 5/7, but I have a feeling the baby will be a week or 2 early! Thanks for any help you can give :)

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Here are the things I remember.

We wee told in lamaze class to leave the good pj's at home. Use the hospital gowns so your stuff doesn't get ruined. I wore my pajamas anyway just because I wanted to.

It was also suggested not to bring an extra change of clothing to save room. Wear home what you wore there.

I would recommend bringing some good healthy snacks. You won't be allowed to eat for possibly several hours. Depending upon the local cafeteria, you may not get a good meal. Don't bring a lot of salty snacks, they could cause a lot of swelling.

Baby clothes - Bring something for pictures and a backup outfit or two. (Those newborn diapers always leak.) Whether you'll want more clothes than that depends on the hospital. The hospital my boys were born in allowed the babies to wear clothes from home. The hospital my dd was born in required the baby to be dressed in hospital clothes. Bring at least two receiving blankets for taking the baby home.

Good Luck and Congrats on the new baby!

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The labor stage-- stop watch and pencil and pad for keeping track of contractions, sour lollipop to suck on, some friends have taken a deck of cards to while away the time, bed socks to keep feet warm in case it's cold, camera and film.

After--phone numbers and phone, nightgown, terry slippers (be sure whatever you bring is machine washable), robe, baby's clothes and hat and blanket for the return home, the car seat and little head stabilizer, roomy clothes to wear home (like early, smaller maternity clothes), extra panties, Preparation H, lotions, toothbrush and paste, any make up, brush and comb, diaper bag, nursing bra and pads, nipple guards just in case.

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