How long did your period stick around?

Monica1February 12, 2002

I had my DD in mid October, and just got my first real period last Saturday. It's still here and doesn't seem to be going away at all. I've never had my period over a week and now I'm getting close to 2 weeks (I started "the pill" the first day of my period also, as instructed by my OB). Should I be concerned? Has this happened to anyone else? Should I call my OB or wait it out?

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I had my first period just last week and my DD was also born in October. I'm on the pill so it might make a difference but the period came on Wednesday and was over by yesterday. It was also very light. Actually, it wasn't much different than before DD was born. I wouldn't worry about the 2 weeks though. I remember my very first period (13 years ago!) lasted 3 solid weeks! If you feel more comfortable, call your dr. As long as there are no clots and it isn't extremely heavy you're probably okay.

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Just wondering Paty and Monica 1 ...... I had DD in mid Oct. too and haven't had a period yet. I breastfeed too. Do either of you breastfeed? I have heard it takes longer to have your period if you do? I am still waiting... I also take the mini pill. Thanks

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I do not breastfeed (pumped for 3 weeks).

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I had my ds back in July, I 1st started at 7 weeks. It always lasts about 7 days. I always had mine for 5 days before the baby. Even after I had my dd almost 8 yrs ago it didn't change, but just last week, I started on the 1st, it lingered till yesterday. I couldn't belive it, I was about to call my dr bc I've never had it last 10 days before. Maybe my body is going through a change now. I'm 27, don't know if that matters or not. I don't take birth control, so I know it's not from that.

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DS was born early August and I still haven't had my period yet. I'm still breastfeeding.

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My DS (still breastfeeding, but on solids too) is not quite 7 months......just had my first period a couple weeks ago. It was the heaviest period I have EVER had in my life.

I LOVED going 15 months without a period!! (sniff sob)

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