free things to do with babys??

Nox225February 12, 2002

I am out of work now staying home with DD (4 months) and I was wondering if there are any free things to do with baby? We are really straped for cash now!! I think there is a membership fee at LeLache League and also at "MOMS". Is Mommy and me free? I just moved to a new state and don't know anyone. I would love to get out with DD and meet some new people. Thanks

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Our library has story time-- the program age is actually for 9 months to 2 years, but the librarians told us to cstart coming when kiddo was around 7 months. One of the other moms said they started at 6 months. Since you mentioned La Leche league-- our hospital has a breastfeeding mom's group that meets every week for free-- you might ask at your hospital. Also, have you joined a church? Ask the pastor if he knows of any free groups. If your haven't joined a church, consider doing so. Our church has lots of free activities and they have a nursery (free during services and free/donation during many of the activities). Not that you would necessarily want to leave DD behind (although a break can sometimes be nice!)-- but you end up meeting other parents (and seeing who has kids) when you pick up your kids (or volunteer to help in the nursery). Also-- check out your local park-- there's always lots of kids (and mom's) over by the swings on any given sunny day around here.

Good luck!! HTH!!


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Sometimes you can ask at groups that would normally have a fee if your situation can be accomodated. Basically you're in a position where you have nothing to lose and any particular group might be willing and able to work with you (and waive a fee, or allow you a kind of 'trial' period, or postpone a fee if you can eventually pay, or sometimes they'll barter for services (is there _anything_ you could offer instead of cash for about the same or greater value?)).

The easiest free activity to do and meet people is to go for a walk. Some community places have free days every month (zoological gardens, botanical gardens, museums, and places like that). Check the phone book for community resources and services. Check out any kind of local community center or city hall. There should be literature and info available about activities for new mothers and babies, and children, and people of all ages really and with lots of different interests.

the worst thing that can happen if you explain your situation and desire to join and participate in the group is that they say they can't help (or 'no'); but you're no worse off than you were before and they might help (or say 'yes')

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When it gets nicer out, hit the park and any other place in your area. Children love going to playgrounds (of course it will be easier to do that when your little one is a little bigger and can play), parks, etc. Even going the grocery store or anywhere can be an adventure. I think really they love to just get out and see things. My one friend said her boyfriend's parents pack up the 3 grandkids and take them to the small local airport and they watch the commuter planes come in. The kids love it! Also a walk through the woods or on a trail is fun. (When they're older, be sure to take baggies or something because you'll be bringing home sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers, acorns, you name it :-)) We also do something that may consider being a hick thing to some people out there, but we go out spotting for deer at night. DS loves to see deer. Even a ride dirung the early evening is fun because you can see the deer out in the fields eating and stuff.

I guess some of my ideas are for a little older than 4 months but they'll work later on. Also, you can just do little projects at home later on to entertain your baby. I started crafting when DS was about 9 months old and I guess he always remembers Mom with a paint brush in hand and paint all over! LOL He now sits down and paints on paper along with me. He made Christmas ornaments with me, only his of course were different colors and things. We also hang his pictures on the fridge and some we buy cheap frames and hang. VERy simple but fun thing for kids to do.


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We have an art museum and a public museum and on certain days of the week it's free to get in. I went with DD when she was about 3 months and strolled around and picked her up to look at some of the paintings. We also do mall trips where we just walk and window shop. You can always bring a bag lunch too. She loves people watching so a few times we stop and sit and I let her "stand" and watch everybody or I hold her while we walk. If you think DD might like it, you could go to the zoo and see the indoor animals. Some zoos are free to get into.

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DD and I love to just go to the mall and walk. She sits in her carrier in the stroller and watches everything. She usually ends up out of the carrier with me holding her and pushing the stroller but thats ok. I pack her formula and bottles and we can stay for hours. If she gets tired she can sleep in the carrier while I walk. It's also great exersize for me :)


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There is a membership fee to join Le Leche, but you are under no obligation to join. The one meetings I have attended are real casual about the fee - said if you want to join, great; if not, no big deal. I don't even know if local leaders know who is and who isn't a member.
Check out your local paper for a kid's section to see if there are any free or cheap events coming up.
Also, farmer's market, botantical gardens and commercial greenhouses (if open to the public) are a great way to introduce your child to bright colored flowers, textures of plants, etc... ~ Suzie

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