new bottle nipples???

Nox225February 12, 2002

I have all newborn nipples for my bottles (0-3months). My DD is almost 4 months now. She takes a bottle several times a week with no problem. Do I have to get new nipples for her age group? I know they have more hole the older they get. Is this really needed? Thanks

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I don't believe we did run out and get the bigger ones right away. I think over time we saw that the holes got a little bigger. We waited until the nipples were worn and needed replaced and then did it. I can't see the point in throwing out something that there was nothing wrong with.


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Nah, if she takes the newborn nipples then that's great - just continue with them. You'll be able to tell when DD is ready for a faster nipple. With my DD it was at 2 WEEKS! of age. She would suck the nipple flat and get frustrated because not enough was coming out. As long as your DD is satisfied I wouldn't switch. Too fast a nipple can cause air to get in the system which in turn leads to gas.

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If you are breastfeeding, you really should always use a newborn nipple, because the flow more closely matches Mom. If you switch to a faster flow, baby may develop a preference for that over the breast.

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Are you using the platex nursers or old fashion type bottles? For me, I used the platex nursers. You had to progress to the next size cause the nipple is bigger. Their mouths get bigger and can use a larger size nipple with that bottle system. Always pull the nipples to see if they are okay. I use to put mine in the dishwasher to sterilize. You would be surprised how the heat of the drying cycle can deteriorate the rubber. I had many come apart in my hand when I did the pull test. Good luck and God Bless.

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