What to caulk?

fannerJuly 11, 2010

We have a new porch that we will be painting in the next few days. Since all of our experience is with painting old siding we are new to 'new' structures. How much of the wood needs to be caulked? Do we need to seal up every gap between boards? We live in the midwest where summers are hot and humid and winters are usually below zero temperatures. In particular there are railings with spindals; do we need to seal every area where the spindals meet the railing top and bottoms? If I can figure out how to add a picture I will. Thanks for any and all feedback!

Here is a link that might be useful: porch rail

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Your wood needs to expand and contract, not a good idea to fill w/caulk. If it's the look you don't like try trimming out with shoe or cove moulding. Then, I can't tell from the pics, but make sure your wood is properly sealed.

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That is exactly what I needed to know, thanks! By properly sealed are you referring to the painting? We are priming first, of coarse. Thanks again for the feeback!

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I wasn't sure from the photo if it was already stained. Yes, prime then paint. Don't know where you live, make sure no rain in the forecast!!

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Some joints you caulk and some you do not. Generally speaking, you will caulk where the rail meets the posts but not the top and bottom of each spindle. Remember every gap you caulk has a chance to open up again so this can become maintenance. Also, use good caulk...DAP Dynaflex 230 is the best.

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Got it; stain when no rain and DAP where the rail meets the posts. I was hoping to hear that we did not have to caulk every nook and cranny. Would have been a good time to invest in the DAP company... Do we want to caulk the area where the posts meet the foor? That's it, no more questions ;) Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Post meets floor

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