3 month old & spitting up

jayme24babyFebruary 7, 2002

how much spitting up is normal?

DD will spit up even an hr. & a half after she eats and forget about laying her down...she seems to spit up all the time.

sometimes she'll even spit up and will just swallow it instead of spitting it out.

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DS was a huge spitter-upper until he hit his 5th month and then one day it just stopped. I literally mean in one day too. He just woke up one morning and didn't throw up at all and hasn't ever since (well, okay, maybe a *little* but NOTHING like he did before that day!) Before, he'd spit up so much we'd have to change our shirt several times a day and change the sheets he slept on as well.

I was worried about it and brought it up with our pediatrician. She said that some babies just are spitter uppers and some aren't but almost all of them will mature out of it before they're 6 months or so. As long as the baby is gaining weight properly she said it's nothing to be concerned about.

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Jayme, HI! Logan spits up a ton too, and as you know our babies are 1 day apart. He will spit up long after a feeding, also. My doctor said the same thing that Pam mentioned, as long as the baby is gaining weight they are not too concerned. Also, as long as the baby doesn't seem to be having any pain or discomfort that could suggest a sensitivity to something in your milk maybe. That was part of Logan's problem to, milk sensitivity. Once I cut that out of my diet he was fine, but still continues to spit up. We go through so many bibs each day!


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phoebe is allergic to milk too! i have cut that out of my diet weeks and weeks ago and she's better but still spits up a little.
do you miss it? do you have to cut out all milk products or just milk? i have to do the whole milk product (cheese, butter, ect.) and i miss it:)

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I never even connected things till Aspen's message, but Tristan is allergic to milk too. He gets eczema when I drank milk so I stopped drinking it and his eczema is so much better. He did stop spitting up while I was still drinking milk, but maybe if I had stopped dairy products sooner it might have helped him stop spitting up earlier.

Jayme - I've had to cut out all dairy too and I miss it as well! I don't mind the taste of the vanilla soy milk or rice milk though - some brands aren't too bad. I also had something called "veggie slices" which tastes enough like that fake sliced American cheese that it helps when I want cheese. They aren't the world's greatest, but not bad.


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Jayme and Pam,
I had to cut out all dairy as well, yogurt, pudding, cheese, sour cream you name it! I didn't realize how many things have dairy sources in them until I had to eliminate it out of my diet. I have gotten used to it though, and don't mind it too much. However, I do look forward to having a nice slice of cheese pizza or a large glass of milk! I haven't tried any of the soy products yet. I wonder if maybe our babies have extra sensitive stomachs and that is why they are all three allergic to milk and pretty big spitters? Something to consider I suppose.


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My baby is a major spitter too, but then it turned to vomitting. Finally, after being puked on one too many times we went to the doctor and they did this test at the hospital and DD has gastroesophegal (sp?) reflux. DD used to cry a lot, colicky, but now that she is on zantac it has all but stopped. She still spits up a little after every meal, but it is tons better. She'll be 3 months next week. Good luck!

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phoebe has reflux too and has been on tagament for about 4 wks. now but she still will spit up a bunch!
isn't weird that our little ones have reflux? before i had dd i had never heard of this and now it seems i hear it everywhere.

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