Trough Sinks

MichelleDTFebruary 3, 2012

I am considering a trough sink for my serving and bar island. Anyone have one they can show me installed? Is it possible to fill them with ice and use as a holder for wine bottles? Looks like it is possible. The depth is 5.5".

Looking at this Ticor:


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beekeeperswife know why I'm laughing.

I was going to do a 33" long one. That ticor one isn't very long. But I decided that in my beverage area I don't want it running across the counter top. Too much real estate.

I was considering a really cool deep round one. Thought besides for prep, you could fill it with ice, put a tray of shrimp on it, or put wine bottles in it. The round sink might be heading to the beverage area now, since I'm hot on that Ticor sink we talked about earlier.

Have you seen the Kohler Crevasse? OH, boy, got to Kohler's website for the video. This is one flashy sink! Automatic flushing and garbage disposing. With a blue light!

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler crevasse

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Bee - we must be sisters from different mothers! ;-)

Great idea to use a round one for the serving island. I never even thought of using it to serve foods that would benefit from ice. Just told Mister and he is already on Fixture Universe looking at options.

I have to check out the Kohler Crevass. Thanks for the tip!

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Yes, you can fill with ice, etc., though I haven't.

I have a combo. Kohler Bordelaise. It has both a trough and a bowl, with the trough on the work side. It's 33" long, with the bowl 16". The only problem is overspray. I have a Karbon, which makes it easy to aim, but it has a lot of pressure, and getting it adjusted to where there's sufficient to keep going, but not so much that it wets the whole island takes some care. That will vary with the faucet.

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That is a cool sink! Love the faucet - we ordered two in stainless. One for primary sink and one for prep sink. I just LOVE how that faucet looks!

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