When did you start going out again (with baby)?

PatyJanuary 30, 2002

My DD is 3 months old (today!) and DH and I are starting to think that she might be getting old enough to take her out in public while we date (restaurants, for example). We haven't been out yet since she was born (no family around, no babysitter) and are getting antsy to go out to dinner again. I know she's not old enough to sit through a movie or anything like that, and just this past month I've started bringing her with me on errands but we have yet to let her tag along on a date. I'm a little nervous because I don't want her fussing in public (she HATES her carseat) but I'd LOVE to get out again! We, of course, would never take her anywhere inappropriate (like a bar) but am also clueless of what else we can do with a baby at that age. Also, her bedtime is usually around 5 pm or so and I don't know if it's a good idea to haul her around when she is tired/sleeping. Any suggestions/opinions?

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We did bring out DS out to restaurants. He was breastfed so sometimes I just breastfed at the restaurant or bring a bottle, and he got sleepy and so I put him into this car seat. Either he would fall asleep or just play in his car seat. We pretty much brought DS anywhere we went. We brought him to the mall, to church (we sing in a choir and he sat in our choir loft with us!), to restaurants, to weddings (he attended 3 weddings by the time he was 2 months old!). In Toronto, we have Movies for Mommies which is when the movie theatres show regular movies in the afternoon and moms bring their babies to it. They have change tables all set up in the back and lower the sound in the theatre. Since everyone in the theatre has babies, no one cares too much that the babies are crying. It's great! In terms of bedtime - I am not sure what to recommend. My son didn't have such an early bedtime - usually was sleeping between8:30 - 11:00p.m. so we could go out in the evening. We did go out around his bedtime but not all the time.

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Kayla was born on 10/29 and we had nothing but company every weekend. My doctor didn't want her around crowds until she rec'd her main "shots" and until about 12 weeks.

Since she was going to start daycare at 13 weeks, we started taking her to the malls and restaurants at about 10 weeks. Thank goodness, because it got her used to strangers and different environments.

Go for it..but for restaurants...be prepared for her to act up. The first place we took her, she screamed. So the next time, we ordered all our food upfront (appetizers, etc) and asked that the bill be given to us when the entrees came out. We prepaid, pretipped and were able to leave in a hurry "if" Kayla acted up. Thank goodness after that first restaurant she has turned into a pro.

Take care and enjoy taking your little one out!

Kayla Marie born 10/29

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We brought DD with us from very early on. We would carry her in with the car seat/carrier, and usually she would snooze. We would ask for a booth so we could put her seat beside us. Or sometimes a restaurant will have this net thing to place her carrier in.

But 3 months? No wonder you want to get out. We pretty much took her out from 6 weeks. And it helps to get her accustomed to being in new surroundings, so the sooner the better.

Enjoy your dinner!

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Wow! I took Timberly out to eat Chinese on her third day of life!! :) I like going out, and it was in April and warm, so I thought "why not?" PS...when they're younger is the BEST time to take them to restaraunts (man, I hate spelling that word!), IMO, because around 5months she would start getting cranky about everybody eating stuff she couldn't have and being stuck in her car seat...now that she can sit up and eat cheerios, though, it's gotten a little better! :)

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Hi,we took our DS out to the restaraunts at 5 days old. He has slept through it every time now.(knock on wood)....

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We took DS out where ever we would normally go when he was a month old. He was a premie and had been in the hospital the first month. I remember we brought him home and the next day went to his grandparents house. My mom had a fit but I told her it was the only way he'd see his family since most of them didn't visit and just expected us to visit them. He learned early on to tolerate going shopping and being in the car and his car seat from everything.

Also, I think it helped him with his immune system. He hardly ever gets sick even now and he's almost 3. Most people we knew kept the kids at home and would never allow a person around they're child with even a sniffle. Those children are still always sick to this day. I think you have to get them out there and get them around stuff in order to really get they're systems to work. But maybe it just worked for us and we were lucky?

Good luck! But don't think that you have to stay at home because you have a baby. Take her with you and show her the world around her.

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I agree, it is definitely easier at this age than, say, 18 mos. At least they don't have tantrums! I'd rather take a baby out than my 2 year old.

So, I took them out early, earlier with each one because life just demands it. I had #3 at a school play for #1 they day after we came home from the hospital -3 days old. What am I gonna do, not go to DS's things?

I found they slept pretty well when we went out. A lot of restuarants have special seats to put the carrier in. The constant hum of a crowded place would put mine to sleep every time. Though I got pretty good with the sling, too, eating over the baby. Sometimes the carrier is just in the way. Trade of holding her, do your best. Go at off peak times, so you don't have to wait, or call ahead for a table if you can. We very rarely managed dessert -unless we took it to go. Start out by going where you are familiar with the menu and so you can order as soon as you are seated. I really had no problems with movies, either. They slept, and there is no better place for discreet breastfeeding than a dark movie theatre (even the slurping sounds can't be heard :o)). It happened a couple times things didn't work out. But, you go with the flow. We asked for take out boxes for out meals. We left a theatre once when it wasn't working out, the manager saw us, thanked us for our consideration, and gave us passes to come back another time!

You don't know until you try, and it's worth it to get out. If you start taking them young, it becomes familiar to them and they go along with it just fine. Go out this weekend and let us know how it goes!

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Stephanie took the words right off my keyboard!

We went out with DS quite a bit at that age (to the store when he was literally 3 days old, to restaraunts a month or so old). It's WAY easier than when they get older. You can keep them in the carseat, they sleep, wake up, eat, fall back to sleep.

Just wait until they're older. Now that DS is 19mo, we have to time it and pack for it. We go to a local place I used to work & we love, and we have to make sure we have the right snacks packed to keep him occupied while we're waiting for food, make sure we order the right thing for that day (is it a pizza day or a grilled cheese day?), etc. etc.

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I must have been shopping with Kara - we took DS out when he was 3 days old as well and since I have an older daughter, he's been going out with us ever since. I can't imagine staying home for 3 months - I think I'd have lost my mind if I had to stay home all day, every day!


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I was always to leery to take DS out, too, because he HATED his carseat. Whenever I had to go grocery shopping, I would just put him in his snuggli and he was ok with that. Don't give up on the carseat idea in a restaurant b/c my DS is now 4 1/2 months and at about 4 months he decided that he liked being in there...alot!! We can take him to the store now and put him in the cart and everything. I think he has gotten to the age where he can observe what is going on around him and he understands some of it. Before, I think it was all a bit confusing and blurry. He especially loves to interact with us when in his seat.
Good luck!

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I'm in the Stephanie, Kara and Pam camp. I started taking my babies out as soon as I was ready (around 1 month) to go. It is much easier to take them out as infants than it is as toddlers. We just recently resumed going out with our almost 3 year old. He was quite difficult for a while.


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I have to agree with Andrea_AZ about the carseat and being able to see/interact (Hi Andrea!!) - Cole just hated it until he was about 4 months old. I used the bjorn and sling a lot (and still do) and the stroller for long outings (like the mall) - but just for a trip to the store by ourselves I can much more easily manage the cart with him inside the carseat. He just bops around in there smiling away - precious! When Cole was just about 3 months, our first trip out for dinner was to a small restaurant that wasn't too crowded, where we sat near the back. He got fussy after a while (tired - the little guy still fights it sometimes) and it was easy to get out of there with not much disturbance. Try it - mine has become comfortable with familiarity. Take Care, Tyra

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We took our daughter out form early on. I don't see the point in not. If anything you should have done it earlier, when all they do is sleep. Now is when she'll start being fussy. Just bring food for her with you & don't expect to go to quiet restaurants (it's rude to the other patrons to have crying baby) - go family style, but otherwise enjoy going out as a family. We had people over from the very day I got home from the hospital & friends came over all the time. Why live in a plastic bubble?

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We also took our DD out from early on. I remember I had to run to the store a few times, and of course she had her two week checkup at the pediatrician. It was important to us from an early age to take DD out with us so she would be used to going to a restaurant or a store. We had heard too many horror stories of friends not taking their babies out until they were much older, and then the kids throwing fits all the time because they were not used to it. It was also important for me to get out of the house at times on maternity leave, for my own sanity! ;-)

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I don't like to take my DD out in public since I don't want her to get sick. I do, however, take her to family parties and once to a restaurant. Today was the first time I took her to a friend's party and although she didn't get much sleep since it was loud, she was fairly ok. I plan to take her out more once it starts getting warmer.

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kids don't get sick from being outdoors. they mostly get sick when indoors b/c that is where bacteria breeds.

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