How much does your 3 month old weigh?

newmomJanuary 20, 2002

Just curious how much your 3 month olds weigh. Taylor weighs 12.5 pounds and I just wondered if this was in the same range as other babies her age.

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My Taylor is a boy and will be 3 months old on Jan 26, he weighs a little under 11lbs.

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My DS was 3 months on the 17th of January and he weighs 14lbs. He is a little bruiser though, I'm sure you are right on target with your little one. Babies come in as many shapes and sizes as adults.


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Hi. My daughter turned 3 months on January 13th. She weighs 15.5 lbs. Big girl!!

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My son won't be 3 months till Feb 7 (a little over two weeks from now). At his 2 month check on Jan 8th he weighed 12lbs 14oz and I know he has packed on some weight since then. He was 23 1/2 inches long as well. He is considered 75th percentile for height and weight for boys.

Aspen (and Logan)

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Leila was three months old on Jan. 11th. She doesn't have a doctor's appointment until the 28th, but I tried to weigh her myself the other day, and I think she's around 13 pounds.


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phoebe will be 3 months on Feb. 6 and we had her weighed today. she weighed in at 10lbs. 9oz. she is considered 50% of other babies:)

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Sara was 3 months on Jan. 17th and she weighs 15lbs. and about 3 or 4 oz. She is a tall one though and obviously very healthy;)

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Liam turned two months on January 10th and had his most recent doctor's visit that day.

He weighed in at 13.4 lbs. and 24 inches! (Of course he was born at 9lbs 5oz.) I'm sure he'll be pushing 15 if not more by 3 months on Feb. 10th. He's really not that chubby though, just solid. He's very broad chested with musclely arms. I think I'm raising (and feeding) a potential line-backer!

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My DD will be 3 months on the 30th and at her last visit (on the 10th) she was at 11.2 lbs. She's growing slowly considering she was 7.10 at birth.


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Elsa was 8lbs 1oz at birth, then she was weighed at 1 week because she wasn't nursing well and was 7lbs 10oz, then again at 2 weeks she was 8 lbs even, then at 6 weeks we had to take her to the hospital and she was 11lbs 2oz fully clothed, and then at her 2m appt she was 11lb 12oz. I swear she is at least 15 lbs by now. She will be 4m on the 27th of this month. She is a little bruiser...she is chubby everywhere but most of it is in her cheeks...they literally hang off her face, the little punkin.


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my dd at 6.5 months weighed only 15.9 lbs. She's a tiny thing but the dr assured me she was at 50%.


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My boy was born at 8 12..he is 3
months old and weighs 14lbs.

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My jellybean was 2 months premature and is pushing 4 months (adjusted) and weighs 11lbs 12oz and she is perfectly healthy and happy!

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My son will be 4 months on Sept 11. At3 mths he was 17.9. He is my big man.

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My son will be 8 weeks this week and he is 14 lbs, but my daughter was only 14 lbs at 4-5 months.

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