Silversand Photography?? In Home Photographers?

beanerJanuary 16, 2002


I keep getting a phone call from Silversand Photography offering me a free in home portrait sitting and free 5x7. I'm sure that the hospital must have sold my info that I had babies. Has anyone given them a try? Has anyone used other in home photographers? Are they that much more expensive than the places such a JC Penney?



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Hey Amy!
I was so surprised when I saw your post b/c we just got our pictures back from Silversand! The way they get your number is b/c they are the ones who take the pictures of your baby in the hospital. Did you get those done and order a package? That is how they offer the free 5x7 and free sitting. I accepted the offer b/c I thought, "hey, it will be a free professional picture of our family that I can have. Well, the photographer was pretty awesome, and took tons of pictures (of course) of all of us and some of just Logan. It took about a half an hour and all you have to do is be dressed with some toys or stuffed animals and blankets if you want them to be in the pics. The photographer had everything including the backdrop and did them right in our tiny apartment living room!

About a month later they call you to set up a time to show you the pics. A salesman came by, again, very nice, and had all 5x7's and some wallets to show us. They were all awesome and we ended up spending $188.00!! They pick the 3 best pics and put them in a really nice mat that all you have to do is frame. They also had the same 3 pics in cheaper fold out frame for the grandparents. Ok, they suckered us in, but we got all 3 of those mats w/ pictures and ALL of the other 5x7's he shot, plus 16 wallets of 2 different poses.

If you do decide to do it and want all the pictures, just keep saying that you are not sure if you can afford to get all of them b/c the most expensive package is $300 and that includes all of the pics. We told him we couldn't afford it and he ended up giving us all the photos for the cheapest package price. It is a total sales pitch, so regardless, if you buy a package, it seems like you will get all of the pics.

I guess we were suckered into it, but I was crazy for thinking that I could only pick one 5x7 with all of the different pictures they had. They looked very professional and we are glad we did it, even if we weren't prepared to spend that much! Hope this helps. You can email me if you have more questions!


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Oops - I posted to this earlier but must not have sent Submit. I sent you an email with a URL to my page with the Silversands photos. My only complaint: They don't give you a selection of sizes with the final package, and I had more 8x10s than I knew what to do with. Other than that, quality was great!

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Wow! Thanks for the responses!
Yes, we did buy the hospital portraits (spent over $100!) which I guess is how they found us!
We tried JC Penney once and it was a nightmare. The backdrop was broken and the whole reason for going was to get the pumpkin backdrop. We could've rescheduled but coordinating 6 month old twins pictures between naps and feeding was a feat as it was. I figured I'd give Silversand a try but I was just wondering what I am in for. I'm a sucker, as well, when it comes to the pictures. I think, "well if I don't purchase it now, I can never get it later. What if I decide I want it later?!" :-)
Then my DH was like, "they called you? What if it's a scam?" (as if they will come and rob me and kidnap my kids!)
Thanks for the info.
I might have deleted your e-mail b/c I didn't recognize it. (I do that alot!) COuld you resend it. I would love to see your pictures. I went to Silversand's website but they didn't have any examples.
My e-mail is
Thanks again.

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I also got pics done with Silversand. I thought I would just get the free 5x7, but when I saw the pics I had to have them. I live in AZ too Andrea. I bet we got the same people! They came to my apartment and took the pics which was very convienent. I also spent $188.00 but got all the pics he brought with him, plus the mats and an 8x10 of my choice. He let me do a payment arrangement too. $66.00 a month for three months.
I like that they come to your home. I got to change his outfits right here, and we used our own props. More expensive, but worth it!

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Hi my name is Rina Hernandez a photographer from your company took some photos for my Baby at home back in 2004 and i would like to know if you keep a coopy of the pictures i would like to bay a copy again I am from Sacramento CA if you do please call me @ 916-504-0783 thank you very much.....

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