Did anyone try Shettle method???

BugabooJanuary 14, 2002

If you did...what did you try for(boy/girl) and what did you end up having???

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What is the Shettle method?

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Dr. Landrum Shettles and David Rorvik, who wrote "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby", claim the Shettles method is 75 percent effective. Because Y-chromosomes (for boys) move faster but don't last as long as X-chromosomes (for girls), Shettles says it makes sense to have sex as close as possible to ovulation if a boy is what you want. If you try to conceive two to four days before you ovulate, you'll most likely have a girl.

According to Dr. Ravnikar, the Shettles method, and others similar to it, is scientifically sound in suggesting that couples try for a boy baby closer to ovulation since Y-chromosome-bearing sperm is lighter but more fragile than those that carry X-chromosomes. But as with other techniques, you're not promised the boy or girl baby you want

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Yup-- we tried for a boy-- and he's sleeping in the next room right now:) Of course, boys are easier to time for-- but we are going to try for a girl next time. Wish us luck!!

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We didn't "try" for either sex, but we timed intercourse to be on the day of ovulation (which is said to favor boys) and a son we got!

Good luck


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Oh, I have never heard of this but we are trying for a baby. I really want my first one to be a girl. I am supposed to be ovulating the end of this week....I guess we'd better get going if we want this girl! :)

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We didn't time anything for any specific sex, though my hubby wanted a boy...Anyhow, we had an AI done after trying for 2 yrs w/ no success on our own, I had to take the ovulation tests, then had an ultrasound done, the dr said it was perfect timing, egg was in the right place, so we did the AI, my hubby hated it, he felt so embarressed, poor thing, but he did it and 2 weeks later we found out we were pg, we had a boy 7/18/01. It is true about the sperm, y being faster and x live longer. I have heard of that method and do believe this to happen, but due to the facts about the sperm, but not sure about actually trying it...

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Wouldn't this mean that couples that use OPKs to time intercourse would be having more boys than girls? If you wait for a positive reading and then BD at the next convenient time, it would usually be day of 0 or right after. Just wondering if that logic holds true?

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I have heard also about the sperm vs. the sex of the baby. I have one of those ovulation predictors and we had sex on the day I ovulated. We had been trying for 7 months. We just wanted a baby but DH really wanted a boy. Well... we had a girl and I am so happy. BUT DH wants a boy next. Well see what happens...

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I too wonder about OPK & fertility monitors then. We used a fertility monitor & it predicts when you're likely & more likely to conceive. We started trying with likely (not the term they used) & continued through the whole time right through most likely. We had a girl. So does that mean that since we started during the likely phase that we conceived before ovulation actually begun & that's why we got a girl? That's what I wanted, but I might want a boy next time around, so wondering if I should skip the likey phase & only have intercourse during the most likely phase? Confusing.

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