Kitchen layout is bothering me...

carsonheimFebruary 3, 2014

Hi folks.

I'm having some issues with my kitchen layout and I'm hoping y'all can provide some input.

Two things are bothering me:
1) the double ovens are being pushed into the pantry.

2) the recessed area for the fridge needs to be recessed four more inches. This is problematic for the entry from the family room to the kitchen -- it will make that arch much deeper than we wanted and make look wonky, especially on the left side as you enter from family room.

Here are some options:
a) Move refrigerator to area allocated for armoire, and add some more counter space. Ditch the idea of putting our armoire there. Recess that wall into the mud room. Relocate double ovens to space currently allocated to fridge. Un-recess the wall.

Pros: brings ovens out of the pantry, gives me more uniform upper cabinetry on the window wall.

Cons: Fridge seems very far away from pantry. The view from the family room will be of a big stainless fridge.

b) Move refrigerator where cooktop is. Move cooktop centered to wall where fridge is, un-recess the wall. Ditch the armoire, provide a nice built in hutch there, lose upper cabinet to the left of double ovens and slide those down into kitchen proper.

Pros: Fridge close to pantry for ease of meal prep and grocery putting-away. More space around cooktop for meal prep.

Cons: lack of symmetry on window wall -- will this look odd with lots of upper cabs on the left, and only the wall oven on the right?

Any other ideas? I do not like the thought of the sink or cooktop on the island.

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I think I'd move the ovens to the fridge location (next to cooktop) and then move the fridge and change the pantry slightly, can you move the windows???....maybe I'd better just sketch it! LOL

From [Kitchen plans](
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LL --

Thanks for your input. I had also considered putting the fridge there, but think it would stick out too far. It's a standard depth fridge. That's an exterior wall on the house, so I can't recess the fridge any further -- until I get to the area where the armoire is noted. That wall backs up to the mud room.

The footprint is pretty much fixed. The only leeway I have is whether or not to recess interior walls, and I can make the entry to the family room less wide if necessary.

I feel like I am so "close" to the project that I'm having a hard time seeing it differently!

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I'm posting two options here for your review. Please forgive my separate postings. When I tried to link from Flickr, GW didn't like the code :( I always get that dumb message when I try to post multiple photos... something about profanity in the file name or some such thing?????

So here's option 1:

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And here's two:

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What are the measurements of the three legs in the triangle - fridge, sink, stove? If those distances are reasonable, I'd go with option 2. The fridge will be easily accessible to people coming in from the family room without disturbing the cook.

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I like Option #2 because the little cabinet between the fridge and the wall could be like the "drink fixin'" station and you could even fit an extra ice maker in the base cabinet since its already by the fridge and the water line and that is helpful for entertaining.

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I would put the fridge where the cooktop was and the ovens where the fridge was (pushed all the way to the wall), remove one of the windows and put the cooktop between them, put the cleanup sink and DW on either side of the cooktop, and put a prep sink in the island. This will function much better and cooktop with hood between windows is a gorgeous look. Hopefully you are able to do this at this stage.

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I like option 2 better too, because your stove is a lot closer to your sink.
If you went with option 1, Imagine taking a large pot full of boiled pasta off the stove and walking around the island with it across the room to the sink. It's too far.

It looks like all your uppers will be open shelving? In a kitchen where you actually cook this could be a real issue in keeping what sits on those shelves clean.

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How far along are you? Is the space set, or can things be changed at this point, specifically the windows and plumbing? I'm not really loving any of the options shown so far.

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Specifically, this. The range is a great focal point for the family room view, and you have a nice large stretch of prep space between it and the ovens for baking. The island has a source of water, and will serve as the primary prep spot. The cleanup zone is separated, and now multiple people can work at multiple tasks in the kitchen without walking all over the place.

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Wow, you guys are so great with your input. THANK YOU!

Live Wire -- I think your proposal is in the right direction. I want to keep the three windows together on that wall, and have my sink centered over. I am always standing at the sink, and the view from there is lovely. That was one of my non-negotiables -- to have a ton of windows over my sink. ( I wanted to do the WHOLE WALL but knew that form over function was not the best idea..)

Here's a revised layout. What do you guys think about this one?

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This is the plan I would pick. I like the sink and range on the same wall.

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I don't like the double oven so far from the source of water and the range top. Flanking that section with the fridge and ovens makes it feel dark. I'd almost rather get rid of the wall that the ovens are on and put them beside the fridge. That would open the space up much better and make the island be less cramped.

If you will put the DW to the other side of the sink (not between the cooktop and sink) that will allow someone to load or unload the DW while you are doing prep. Having a single sink there means that it has to serve for both prep and cleanup functions. You will prep looking out the window, whereas in my suggested alteration, the prep sink on the island will allow that to be the main prep location and keep you looking towards the family room and family members. The island as it currently exists is almost useless and a barrier. Only having the fridge that close down by the sink lets it skate by.

So, what about eliminating the dark hole and claustrophobia?

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I like your last plan, but I agree with LWO, you need some water over there. You could add a sink to the island, but since the bar sink is on the other side of the wall...why not one in the corner?

One other suggestion....if you do broil or cook a lot, maybe one oven under the cooktop and the microwave above the other oven? Just an idea :)

From Kitchen plans

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hmmmm... That could work too.

I came up with another option. What do you guys think about this one? Now I have TOO many options, LOL!!!

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