Are cloth diapers really meant for newborns?

angmulJanuary 22, 2002

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding cloth diapers. We have started a diaper service for Daphne (who is eight days old), but we are finding the diapers too big for her! She is only 7.5 pounds right now, and the diapers are 11 x 12.5 inches (their smallest size). I have folded them the way the company suggested (creating a "poop pocket"), but her little bottom looks HUGE! When I lay her down in them, her legs are slightly in the air. She just doesn't look comfortable to me. Since I have so many disposable newborn size diapers given to me at my baby shower, I am tempted to just finish them off before I start her in the cloth. DH disagrees with me, though.

Is it okay for the diapers to be so bulky?

-Angelique, mom to Daphne, born 1/14/02

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We used cloth diapers from the beginning, and I agree, they are very bulky on a newborn. We alternated cloth with the newborn disposables (primarily because we had family in the house that didn't want to deal with cloth). If they are prefolds, fold the sides over so that you have one long strip, slip it under her, and fold under the front so that it lies beneath her belly button. Then place the wrap on. That's how we've always done it. You'll be surprised how fast she grows into the diapers. DD is now 12 weeks old and we're about ready for a larger size!

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Congratulations! :) And good for you for choosing cloth! I just wanted to invite you and Paty to the diapering your baby forum over on babycenter--if you haven't already stopped by, we'd love to see you! There are a lot of cloth diaper users over there- they are really a great bunch of ladies and I'm sure that they would be able to answer any questions you might have (and lend support, share diaper sources, or just shoot the breeze). Everybody is welcome-- hope to see you both there!


Here is a link that might be useful: diapering your baby forum

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We have only ever used cloth on DS, now 19 mo. We sometimes used prefolds the way Paty suggested -- folded into thirds, then doubled over in the front. We also did pin when DS was young, so we could keep the diaper below his cord. We would fold into thirds, then pull the inner corners out. That makes no sense, but I don't know how else to describe it.

Cloth will always be bulkier than disposables. Different kinds of cloth diapers and different ways of folding them will fit different babies better or worse, so it may take some experimentation. You're doing the right thing for your baby and the environment -- just keep trying!

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This is slightly aside from the topic. Since some of you seem to have environmental and comfort reasons for choosing cloth, I wonder if any of you also make homemade baby wipes. If so, could you tell me how? I don't have a baby yet, but I want to know these things before I do.

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Hi Starbaby,

I use homeade wipes. There are ways to make them out of paper towels, but I use real washcloths. I bought about 2 dozen washcloths that I use as wipes and toss in with the dirty diapers to be washed together. There are all kinds of ways to make them, some people just use plain water. What I do is keep the washcloths in a shoebox sized plastic tub, fill it with a little water, squirt in some baby shampoo and a little baby oil, submerge the washcloths, drain the extra liquid, and set them out to use. When I do a wash or the tub becomes low I just prepare more washcloths. Very easy and economical! (Plus, I think the washcloths clean the baby's bottom a whole lot better than commercial wipes!)


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We use cheap wash cloths, too. We just wet them and squeeze a little soap on them, then toss them in the pail when we're done with them. They get washed with the diapers.

I think we picked them up for 8/$3 at Ames.

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I use flannel washies - just wipe-sized flannel rectangles (about 10"x11") that I serged around the edges of. I keep mine in a rubbermaid tub, moistened with water, a couple T. of mild soap (LOC, Dr. Bronner's), and about 20 drops of lavender or tea tree oli (these are antimicrobial, and keep mold from growing, even if I use a wipe-warmer on the tub.)

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With newborns, your changing them constantly.. upwards of 12-15 times a day, so cloth diapers are a godsend for such early days.

As far as bulkiness goes, don't give the bulkiness so much as a second thought. I cloth diapered six, and all are alive and well today, and no worse for wear (may I add), and I double diapered and used rubber pants.

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