green poop!

jayme24babyJanuary 16, 2002

i've noticed lately that DD has had runny bright green poop! what's up? also it's very, well, mucousy (looks like raw egg whites are in her poop)

does anyone have any suggestions?


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Runny like diarra (sp)?

Have you changed her food? What does she eat?

My DD gets green from soy formula but not runny.

If you haven't changed anything I'd call doc.

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:-0 Just reminded me of my panic when DH fed DD blues clues applesauce without my knowledge. You've never seen such strange poop! I literally let out a scream later that day when I opened the pampers!

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And also, grape kool-aid makes children poop a very bright green LOL. And DD once ate some kind of candy that was very very red (grandmothers will give children ANYTHING), looked like a diaper full of blood. I nearly fainted.

Looser mucousy stools can be a sign of food allergies or sensitivity. The first time DD ate pork, it was like that. I waited two weeks and tried again, and she was fine.

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My 13 week DD has had green poop off and on all her life. I can not figure out why. She is breastfeed 95% of the time. Sometimes when I go a week without formula she still has green poop. And talk about mucous.... sometimes its like strings when I take off her diaper!!! YUCK!!! I asked the Dr. and he said as long as the poop isn't red/black or white then it is okay. Oh well....

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Don't know how much accuracy there is to this, but I was told that if baby is not getting the hindmilk, the poo can be green and mucousy. I think I heard this at La Leche League. The remedy was to feed baby on a side two feedings in a row. This would ensure baby would get the hindmilk.

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Ahhhh, baby poop! Just when you get used to one color or texture, they throw in a new one to keep you on your toes!

I remember once I called the doctor in a panic when I found alot of "sand" in my oldest son's poop. It literally looked like dry sand. I was quite embarrassed once I found out that Cheerios will do that.

Strangest thing I found (although I knew it was coming) was a penny. Same DS as above got into my purse and swallowed a penny. Rushed him to the ER where they did an X-ray to locate it. They said just take him home, and wait for it. It is now clean and posted in his baby book. I will show it to him one day when he has kids of his own!!

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My baby girl has had green muscousy poop more often than the seedy yellow kind. It frightens me, too! She's healthy and gaining, though, so we were told not to worry. She is 100% breastfed and doesnt' eat solids yet. I'm currently trying the feeding one breast 2X in a row approach. I'll let you know if it works for us!


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Oh my, you guys need to see the WikipoopiaƂ

This is hilarious and actually produces an uncanny resemblance to the real thing!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Wikipoopia!

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So many things can cause the poop to be green. Teething. Innoculations. And who knows what.

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