Question about shingles

susan_onMarch 18, 2013

I think I have shingles. I'm going to go to verify that's what this is, but I have a couple of questions. I know it's contagious.. but is it contagious in the way that anyone who has had chicken pox could get shingles from being exposed to me? Or is it that anyone that hasn't been exposed to CP could get it if exposed to me? I don't plan on going out except to go to the clinic, but a couple of people were planning to come over. I have emailed them, but I think this info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Barbara Walters had never had chicken pox but caught it from being exposed to someone with shingles most recently. Glad you're going to the Dr. If caught early they will start you on medication and the side effects of shingles will be lessened greatly.

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That's right, I forgot about Barbara Walters getting it.

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Get thee to the doctor asap! Getting the antivirals within 48 hours of outbreak can make a huge difference in how long it lasts. Yes, if you have open sores, you're contagious.

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Ok, thank you. I will do that.

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Stay away from pregnant females and those on chemo. Get started on antivirals to lessen the symptoms.

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I woke one morning and thought I'd been bitten a couple of times by a spider -- red marks on my forehead above my right eye. I was seen that noon, diagnosed with shingles, put on a herpes medication -- and sent to have my right eye examined by an ophthalmologist (just in case the eye was involved; it wasn't). I stayed away from infants, children and pregnant women until I had no more open or crusting sores -- about three weeks.

Good luck! My case was mild. I got the shingles vaccine a year later.

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I had them once, I was at the E.R. with my mil who was very sick and we had to wait for hours. When she was finally seen, I was standing next to the dr. and he looked at me and said "what's that on your neck" I thought it was a rash but it hurt. He said "you have shingles" . It was too late for the med but it went away after another two weeks. Since then I've gotten the shingles vaccine as you can get shingles more than once. Good luck.

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Well, it's confirmed to be shingles and I've started the anti virals. Shingles are no joke, but this too shall pass. Thanks all, for your advice.

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I'm glad you got it diagnosed. When I tried to get the vaccine a couple of years ago after I had them, they said I was too young. But now the age has been changed so I need to get in there. $200 for the shot though. Wow!

The worst part about shingles is you stay contagious for a long time. When I got out (others went to the grocery store for me) I would tell people I had shingles and to wash their hands as soon as money was exchanged.

It did freak a couple of people out though! lol Thankfully mine was mild and on my tummy. I've never had bad pain from it and it hasn't hurt since.

Are your's hurting?

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Just a reminder, even young girls can get shingles. My kids both had chicken pox when they were young. When my younger daughter was in high school, she developed an itchy rash on her stomach. She went to a doctor, who told her it was shingles but it was too late for treatment. It went away on its own. We were careful not to share linens.

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I find it to be very, very painful. I am putting cold cloths with baking soda on my rashes, and that helps a great deal. Luckily I can stay home for however long it takes. I'm so tired anyway, maybe from the meds.

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Susan -- so sorry for the pain. I'd hoped you'd gotten on the meds early enough that it might be a mild case. Where is the rash? Have you been stressed more than usual recently?

I think my case was due to stress. I had a couple of busy weeks then had a houseguest to entertain. (I'm no entertainer.)

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Sorry to hear you have shingles, Susan. My sister in law is just getting over them, and she said it was awful. I am glad you are getting treated early.

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Thanks, ladies. Chisue, the first one started under my left breast, and now it has spread to a bigger spot a little lower and closer to the center of my abdomen. I didn't think I was any more stressed than usual, but I'm dealing with brain tumour issues and that's not always easy. The ER doc said she reviewed my medical history and feels I have a low functioning immune system.

I'm still having some issues with my wrist. I discovered it was broken in October (I think) when the chiropractor sent me for an xray. I have no idea when or how I broke it, but it was a fragility break. I may have mentioned that when it happened, I can't remember.

Anyway, I pass the time trying to enjoy myself developing skills in hobbies I enjoy- gardening, cake decorating and sewing. I'm a very nervous sewer, for some reason. I just try to stay focussed on positive activities. I do believe my shingles could have been worse.. I had started to get that same pain around my side towards the back, but nothing has developed there as of yet. Fingers crossed (but it's hard to type that way).

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I remember as a child seeing my grandmother suffer from shingles. She had them on her chest, and was in a lot of pain.

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Um, yes, I would certainly diagnose a tad of STRESS! How about just sitting around reading, watching DVD's and eating bon-bons for a while? Think calm thoughts. Watch the clothes go 'round in the washer. Do the deep breathing thing. Nap.

Wishing you WELL,
Another Sue

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When I had a mild case of shingles, I had pain around my waist but the rash never showed up there, only on my leg.

Susan, I've been wondering how you're doing but didn't want to call you out. I hope you are doing well and that your tumor is being kept at bay or eradicated! Yes, use this time to relax, if at all possible. I wish you a quick recovery.

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I am going to try to relax more, it's true that it makes my symptoms easier to tolerate.

Thanks for thinking of me sjerin, and others who wish me well. It's very much appreciated.

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