What color flange/basket strainer with your Siligranit sink?

msroseFebruary 6, 2013

I can't decide if I want the matching color or silver. What did you go with? My faucet will be ORB, so I don't know if silver would look off with it.

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We have the brown sink and ORB faucet and bought the flange and strainer to match. With all the brown I felt like silver would have looked odd. Except for the sink grids we have no silver in our kitchen!

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Anthracite bar sink, silver strainer and faucet

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I too have ORB faucet with my biscotti silgranit sink and bought the color matched strainers as it gives a nice cohesive look

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Do you need to buy the strainer baskets from Blanco or are there universal ones that fit? I'm planning to order the Blanco Performa with double bowl and I have a hard time thinking about buying two $59 strainers!

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My sink is truffle and I have a chrome flange. My faucet is chrome too but I think the chrome would look just fine regardless of your faucet finish.

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I bought a flange that matches my faucet from an outside vendor. I heard the Silgranite ones were not all that great
Cafe Brown with Antique Brass.
I would have to hunt the information on the vendor.

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I had decided to go with the matching one from Blanco, but I found out the day of installation, my granite guy didn't order it along with my sink, because he thought it was too expensive! So, luckily I found an ORB one at Lowes and it looks good with my ORB faucet.

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I just got the bisquit diamond sink and I bought the matching bisquit basket. I am also going with orb faucet. I like the one color look. I am upset that Blanco does not make matching sink grids. I have no silver in my kitchen and hate the way it will look. However I have always used grids and really like having them. I am unable to find one in bisque/almond. so I will probably get the stainless ones and take them out when I am finished cleaning the sink.

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Thought I'd already posted here. Guess not. Here's our bisquit sink with an off the shelf, from Home Depot, ORB flange and strainer.
Can't imagine having a different color than the faucet, unless it matched the sink.
Have fun!

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