sleeping through the nite

jami_nyomiJanuary 14, 2002

just curious. nyomi is 2 months old and sleeps great. usually from 10ish-3ish, eats, and back to bed from 3ish-7ish.

i think it'll be a while before she sleeps longer stretches since she's still pretty small, but i was wondering how it actually happens.

right now she eats 6-10-2-6-10-2...give or take an hour or so. eventually should we increase her nite meal so she sleeps longer, or does it just happen on its own?

also, one other question. currently she sleeps in a bassinet right next to our bed. soon she'll be too big for it and we're going to buy her a crib. the dilemna is, will we keep her in our room or move her to her own room? she really understands nite time and i think us sleeping beside her helps. i wonder if she'll sleep as well in her own room? feeding her in the middle of the nite would be much easier if she had her own room, as would our heating situation, and the pets situation...

anyway...just wondering your experiences with your babies and their sleeping and their own rooms.

love, jami

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My first two slept in their own rooms from day 1. My third I kept in our room until 3 months or so, then moved her into her room in a crib. Which I'll do again this time, saved a lot of steps in the middle of the night. I recommend that approach, having tried both. She slept good either way. We kept the room dark, gave her the same blanket, it was familiar. By then the routine was set and she just didn't seem to notice the change.

My experience were:
The routines for sleeping and eating seemed to change on their own with me simply responding to what the baby seemed to need. One night they sleep a little longer, the next night they don't. Then maybe they do it 2-3 nights in a row, and one not. Until the nights in a row get a longer stretch. I don't know that is was connected, but it happened about they same time as solids foods were introduced. I tend to think the only connection is age, not really the food effecting the night sleeping. It was all very gradual for each of mine. You just respond to one need or change at a time and before you know it you stop in your tracks one day and wonder "how did this happen?"

The other thing I've learned is that for the first 2-3 years a baby changes a lot every six months. It's still gradual. But it seems like every six months you've got an entirely different person in your arms.

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My DD is 3 months and for the first month or so she slept in bed with me. I was so scared to have her away from me. I was worried she would stop breathing or something. But I was not getting any sleep. I would wake up everytime she would move and make a sound. So now we have a travel crib and she sleeps in it in our room. It works great for us. I can sit up in bed and see what she is doing. She sleep a good 6-7 hour straight now. :-) We live in a small apt. now anyway but when we get our own house maybe when DD is 9 months or so she will have her own room and bed. Do what ever feels right for you. I remember when DD was 2 weeks old and I tried to put her in the travel crib (in our room) I cried because I didn't want to leave her but I am much better now and feel comfortable. I am still not to the point to have her in her own room but maybe in a few more months I will.

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yeah...dd slept in bed with us for the first month and though i loved having her in bed with us, we all sleep better now with her right next to us!
i do like looking over at her to make sure she's ok, we'll probably wait a little longer for her to get her own room, maybe in a month or 2.


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DD is 2 months old. For the first week while DH had off work she slept in our room in a basinette, after that we put her in her crib. She used to get up every 3 hours during the night to feed (formula fed). For about 2 weeks she was sleeping straight through the night (10ish to 7ish), however, the last few days she has gone back to her every 2/3 hour feedings.

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Nox225--where did you get your travel crib?

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We too have Taylor in a travel crib next to our bed. She is 2 months old and used to wake every 3-4 hours for a feeding. Just after the new year she started sleeping longer. One night we put her to bed at 10:30 p.m. and she slept through to about 7:30 a.m. and she has done so ever since. I have been doing the happy-dance ever since. It is so great to have sleep finally! I also realized that I may have been part of the problem before in that I would pick her up and feed her in the middle of the night when she seemed to be awake. I realize that if you just wait awhile she might go back to sleep on her own and does fine without a feeding. If she is outright crying though, of course I'd feed her.

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Cole slept next to my bed in his bassinet also. 3 months to the day I moved him to his room with no problem. When he was a little older I did purchase I believe it is a fisher price toy. It has a lighted screen and plays music. He is 3 and we still play it when he goes to bed sometimes!

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We had Sara in a bassinet in our room until she was about 2 months, then a crib in her own room. I slept in a bed in her room for a while due to not having a monitor yet. She sleeps fine now except for a few feedings during the night.

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We had our DD sleeping in her crib in her room from the beginning. We don't agree with co-sleeping, and having her in her own room allowed me to go in there and nurse her in our own little private space. It was very peaceful nursing her in there with the soft glow of the nightlight. Oh the memories. ;-)

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DS, my third, is nearly 5 months and sleeps right beside our bed. He wakes for an early morning feed, and I let him go back to sleep in our bed. I don't have him in our bed all night because I don't sleep very well with a baby in the bed and neither does DH. DS will stay in our room until he's ready to sleep in a bed. I like to keep them close while they're little.

Jami, Sounds like Nyomi is doing just fine for a 2 month old. I wouldn't do anything to get her to sleep longer. It'll happen by itself. Just keep letting her eat as much as she wants before she goes down at night.

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Bad Wife- I got a Graco travel bed from Babys R us for $60.00 It has been well worth the $$$$

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