Rubella vaccination?

phyllis_philodendronJanuary 22, 2003

DH and I want to TTC this year and I'm just going through the round of pre-conception dr's visits, etc. I have been informed that I have no immunity to rubella and therefore need a vaccination. My primary care dr can't see me until March. Is this an MMR? Or just rubella itself? I know the MMR is a two-parter -- something like four weeks between shots and then a month afterwards - that would be like May! and we don't want to wait that long.

I don't seem to remember hearing any recently pregnant women that I know getting a vaccine. Has anyone here had it?

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My cousin found out too late, after she was already pregnant. For nine months she had to diligently avoid being around children, or areas where lots of people go (like theme parks, etc) because getting M, M or R during pregnancy causes horrible problems for the fetus.

If you have the chance to get it pre-pregnancy, go ahead and make an appointment to do it! The biggest risk is that you don't get it, you do conceive, then you can't get it, and you might catch one of these very risky diseases.

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I'm curious - how do they know that you have no immunity? Do they do a test or did they just check your vaccination records? I ask because my vaccination history is very sketchy - I wouldn't be surprised if I was never actually vaccinated for some things. The doctor my parents used didn't keep reliable records (missing or fabricated info was standard).

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That sounds scary!

What they do is a rubella titer - a blood draw that tests for antibodies. If you have so many parts blood per antibody (something like that) it means you have an immunity. I looked it up on or some site like that.

I think I was probably vaccinated but it was probably before 1979 - when the vaccine was supposedly weaker and not as effective.

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Good news - I found another dr. and got in for next week. I can't honestly remember actually being excited about getting a shot. LOL Wish me luck! : )

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