giving babies water to drink

yborgalJanuary 31, 2007

I have a new grandbaby and I was surprised to hear that his pediatrician has said that babies should not be givien water to drink until they are about 5 months old. As a result he only is offered formula.

I can see a concern if water were filling the baby up so he wouldn't get any nourishment, but an ounce every now and then is bad?

Is this a new thing now? My kids drank water and they grew up healthy.

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The pediatrican is correct.You are NOT supposed to give babies water. I'm not exactly sure why,but I was told this and I have read it in books.So,I never gave my daughter any until she was about 8 months old.

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This is the information that I found about babies drinking water. Summed up, it states that babies get enough water through breastmilk or formula. In rare cases, babies can develop a condition called water intoxication. On another site, I read that it can cause jaundice. Here is the site, if you want to read the article :) Christy

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Center

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Does anyone know if there is an exception in very hot weather?

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If your baby is sick and vomiting or has diahrrea or is sweating excessivly, by all means give them a little water.
And if you have a baby that has thrush, it's a good idea to give a few swallows of water after a feeding to rinse out the mouth.
Remember an infant is on a liquid diet...and likely gets all the water they need.
Linda C

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The water DOES fill up that little belly, causing the baby to not want the nutrious formula or breastmilk.

Don't all you dieters know that you're supposed to drink water to fill up your stomach when your hungry... :)

That being said, when I recently had my three-month-old at a spring training baseball game in central FL and the weather was 84 and we were sitting in full sun (baby was protected from the sun though), I DID give her a little water in a clean bottle. It just seemed to be too hot and nasty in that situation to give her formula. It was a one-time-only situation, though.

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My pediatrician said a SMALL amount of water would be fine - to try to train the child that if they wanted milk, it came at certain times , not every 20 minutes... use it dont abuse it. and YES they are getting plenty of fluids with breast or formula.. but when you are trying to get them on a schedule .. our ped.. recommended a little water between meal times to get the baby on a schedule - we gradually shifted the times from every hour to every 4 hours now she eats with us most of the time, except at night she gets her milk before bed time (she does not like to go to bed before 11pm - takes after her daddy (me) and I also like a snack before bed.. )

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Perhaps the formula "recipe" has changed over the years so that water was necessary years ago, but isn't anymore. Just a thought, I've no idea if that's correct or not.

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