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ladc30January 21, 2002

I am expecting March 31st and am looking for a recommendation for a pack n play to travel with this summer. The first time we will be going away is July 4th and the baby will be around 3 months old, so I think I may need one that has the bassinet option. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pack and play that is easy to pack up and travel with, as well as sturdy and safe? Thanks, Lisa

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I have the Graco 5 way and really like it. Have traveled with it and it's light. But I've never used the tent part yet and stopped using the bassinet part pretty early b/c DD was heavy. She slept in it a lot early on and when we traveled later.

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We have a Graco 3 way...playpen, bassinet, changing pad.
DD is 9 weeks old and has slept in the bassinet since she was born...though she's 12 pounds and can only be in it til 15 lbs. Never used the changing pad and probably never will since we have a changing table, though it's great.
It's easy to transport like the above poster said ( :

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We have the Graco too. I am not sure of the exact name, but it has the changing table/pad, bassinet, and side snap on bags for diaper stuff. It has come in handy not only for her to sleep in when away from home, but we also use it for her to play in when I need to cook dinner, etc.

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We also have the Graco Pack and Play, but have never used the bassinet part of it. Since Taylor was 2 months she has slept on the actual Pack and Play Mattress and has done just fine. She has a crib in the nursery but we like to keep her close to us at night so we use the pack and play.

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I had just the basic Pack and Play (Graco)and it was great on overnighters and visiting. Just a collapseable play pen. I didn't have any of the bassinet, changing pads etc. It folded down to about 1 1/2 ft by 3 1/2ft. As long as I had her familiar blankets with us, my dd did fine with it.

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I think one with wheels on one side is great for moving it.


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I have a Baby Trend and love it. It doesn't have the bassinet or changing table. Its bigger than the graco models that I have seen, the sides are also a bit higher. The frame around the base of the babytrend playpen only has the center support in the middle unlike the graco has legs that you have to fold out.
And the babytrend did seem sturdier to me.
I would go the store and look at the display models, if you can have a sales person help you, put the on your level and explore their features.

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I'm a new Grandma and want to have the baby furniture here so the kids don't have to lug stuff around. I saw the Graco Pack and Plays and wondered if they would be "just the thing" for me to have. Our home is two stories so I thought it would be easy to move from place to place while the baby is young. Is the mattress in the bassinet part sturdy enough to support a young back? How about the pad on the bottom when the baby is a little older. I basically want it as a bed although could imagine using it in the kitchen as a "play pen" when I was cooking later on.

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I think you would like them. The bassinet is firm enough, in my opinion, and the pad on the bottem is ok too. Our DD used to nap in a pack in play daily when she used to go to an in-home daycare, and we did not have any problems with it. We have also use ours as a playpen for when I am cooking, and for when we travel to DH's parents home out of state, since they don't have anywhere for her to sleep.

By the way, I think it is very considerate of you to be doing these kinds of things for your grandbabies. My Mom does that, and I very much appreciate it!

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