Medication secreted in breast milk

bearcat_vaJanuary 9, 2008

Hi, I'm new to this forum, although I have been active on other forums with gardenweb for years. I know this is a forum for infants, but there is no pregnancy forum where I can ask questions!

I'm expecting my first baby in early May and I have been taking Aldomet (methyldopa) for high blood pressure for 2 years. It is a "safe" (although who really knows) medication for pregnancy. It is secreted in breast milk, but all the sites I've researched say "probably safe" to breastfeed.

Did you/are you taking meds that are secreted into breast milk, and if so, did your doctor recommend not to breastfeed? I see the doc tomorrow, but 2 doctors have already given me conflicting opinions.

TIA for any light you can shed on the subject!!

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You might want to check with your local la leche chapter, public health nurse or breast feeding clinic. At the hospital where you will be delivering will have all the contact numbers. ( Sometimes you will not get a straight answer since it is unethical to test meds on pregnant/lactating women. )
You will find these places a great resource for most breastfeeding questions.

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