2 month old and ear infection?

jayme24babyJanuary 19, 2002

my 10 wk. old daughter has been swiping at her left ear all day today and now she seems to be putting her thumb in her ear all the time.

she has been congested and swallow a bunch of mucous but i don't know.

we already took her to the ped. thursday and she looked in her ears then and said all looked good but phoebe wasn't doing this thursday.

is it to young for them to get ear infections?

if she has one does she need to be on antibiotics?


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You may not not want to hear advice from me, but here is my two cents for what it is worth.

Yes, they definitely can have ear infections at two months of age. Ear infections can literally pop up in a very short period of time, so the fact that the doctor said her ears looked ok on Thursday, does not mean that she could not have an ear infection now. If she does have an infection, they will put her on antibiotics. It is usually a 10 or 14 day regimin of liquid antibiotics. Ear infections are extremely common when they have a cold, or right after a cold. If her nasal secretions are yellowish or greenish at all, she could have a sinus infection too.

With all that being said, she may just be "finding" her ears and exploring. However, since she has been congested and is targeting one ear, that would make me leary. If it was me, I would get her checked out again.

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The fact that she was checked on Thursday means nothing, unfortunately. On a Tuesday my son seemed "off" and I just knew he was getting sick. I took him to the doctor and the doctor found nothing. On Wednesday he was much worse - inconsolible crying, etc. I took him back to the doctor and he had a raging ear infection in one ear and it was developing in the second ear. Ear infections come on very quickly.

Also, if her left eye looks like it might also be developing an infection, then it's most likely an ear infection. A lot of times, eyes and ears are connected.

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Look at her behavior as if it were 'symptoms.' Does she seem to be in pain, or ill? (Having an ear infection, and grabbing the ear even can be painful for older children and for adults.) Is she feeding as usual, with the usual rate of wet and dirty diapers?

If 'allergies' and/or asthma run in the biological relatives, your baby would have one risk factor in a general sense for developing ear infections.

External ear infections can happen (with a baby, with that thumb thing and/or with bathing... older children would get 'swimmer's ear' as an external ear infection). Those would look different to a doctor, and they would require antibiotics but probably as ear drops and not as drops by mouth.

Middle ear infections are the ones that would require antibiotics by mouth. These infections are more common where there are ear drainage problems structurally, or as a result of lots of fluid (allergies, colds, etc). A little fluid that won't drain can serve as a growth medium for bacteria behind the ear drum. Any extra fluid and pressure problems can feel 'funny' or 'weird.' A baby feeling those kinds of effects is likely therefore to grab at their ears. Usually, of course, the fluid drains as any cold or allergy symptoms resolve and although there can be some time of weird ear feelings there usually would be no infection. But, sometimes there is a progression to an ear infection and that weird or funny feeling can go to painful... and increasingly painful until it is unbearable.

Watch her for signs she may be in pain and you will probably catch any ear infection problem in a timely manner (before it gets to the ever increasing pain point)

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