natalienjJanuary 8, 2002

I asked this on Parents of Toddlers but figured I'd try here too:

My DD is only 6.5 mo. old so I'm not looking to wean yet. But it occurred to me at 3 AM this morning as she was nursing for about the 10th time overnight, that if she continues co-sleeping and eating whenever she wants, why would she ever wean herself? I figured that I'd let her decide but I don't think I'm prepared to be doing gymnastics in bed in 2 years flipping from side to side so that she can nurse evenly.

How'd it work for you?

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Often babies will sort of self-wean as they get more solids. They're just shifting the main source of their calories and won't need as much milk (or forumla for bottle feeders). The confusing factor mainly is the comfort factor. Night feedings, or just suckling can be nonnutritive and serve as a comfort measure. A baby can seek and need comfort, as much as feeding. Their 'reality' is such that they can do this or that thing, and they learn that something predictable results. Sometimes the transition requires some support for the side issues, but babies will usually self-wean when the time comes for them to do so (usually an ill-defined combination of things like developmental desires, and individual temperament on their parts as well as their mother's).

eventually, it's just not the ideal existence for them anymore although this can be years down the road (it's probably ideal for a 6.5 month old though on average, and they can't really exert much independence physically so they can't really meet a lot of their own needs yet)

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Sleeping baby... I think you are just trying to start a fight. I've never seen you over here before. So I'm not going to bite.

I know A LOT of people who have co-slept and allowed their babies to self wean and NONE of them have college kids still sleeping with them OR sucking on their boobs. :) Like Amygdala said, your babe will self wean as she starts eating more solid foods. Also, she'll want to nurse more during the night when she goes through any kind of major milestone/learning periods. If she is working on crawling, pulling herself up, or cutting teeth. Momma's milk is how she comforts herself and nourishes herself when she is working extra hard! :) So be patient, she'll settle back into a good routine that SHE decides on, and you'll both be happier. Good for you for cosleeping and nursing laying down! MUCH easier than getting up to warm bottles and sit up during those feedings, and MUCH nicer to your sweetie who doesn't have to cry far away in another room for a little lovin' care. She'll grow up secure, independent, and sure of your love. :)

Hope you get some more rest soon!


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sleeping baby,
obviously your trying to start junk...
quit telling people to stop doing things that's BEST for their babies. you can hold your wife back from her instinct but not anyone else.

Good for you for co-sleeping and i def. agree that your not going to have a 15 year old sleeping w/you:)
keep up the great work!

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I was a BFing cosleeper, I don't recall how it happened, but she just started sleeping harder and not waking to nurse. She always nursed right before she feel asleep, that nursing was the last to go, she was 22 months, when she weaned. I was 5 months PG with #2 when #1 stopped nursing. #2 slept better alone from the time she was about 8 months, she is my little miss independance!

I thought the same thing, if it is always right beside her, why would she ever stop nursing? But the nutritional nursing decreases as they eat more solids, and the comfort nursing will pass when they are done. And if your baby wants to nurse a while, don't worry about having to flip flop around all night, my DD's would just help themselves as I slept!

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I co-sleep and breast feed my six month old baby boy. I think "sleeping baby" probably has no kids OR she would know better than to try to force her opinion on others. My daughter is 5 years old and very independent. I did the same thing with her. She weaned around 1 1/2. She is so independent that people comment on it all the time. She picks out her own clothes, gets dressed, and does her own hair each day for kindergarten. AND she doesn't go to school looking like she did it herself. She matches and everything. I am proud of her and proud of myself for not listening to people like 'sleeping baby'. Keep up the good work. Your baby will be fine and wean at her own pace. Some times she may nurse all night and others not at all. Depending on the days events and also depending a lot on if she is going through a growth spurt or not.

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I missed the whole thing about 'sleeping baby.' What was all that about?

My friend has a 3 year old who still sleeps in their bed. The baby keeps her awake alot with tossing and turning, so I think my friend could be a little more firm with her about sleeping in a "big girl bed". (we have talked about this at length and she agrees)

My mom works at a hospital and in one night two couples came in with children that had been suffocated while co-sleeping...how awful.

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