It is clean-up time for my new house...

phoggieFebruary 1, 2013

My house is just about complete and I am wanting to know what the best way to clean up sheet rock dust off of my hardwood floors might be... I know some of you will have some great ideas...thanks!

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The best way found is with my bissel pro heat. Just the sucking up, not the water. Water makes drywall mud, which hardens in streaks.

Dust or sweep up as much as you can first.

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So I should not use any water?

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Shop Vac. And do the vents too, shove that hose in as far as you can. We had all sorts of junk down there.

Have you learned how to get photos posted yet? You know we want to see your gorgeous place when you are ready to reveal it! If not, you've got a little time to master this skill!

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I would vacuum up as much as I could and then clean and dry with microfiber towels. Use a toothbrush to get in the nooks and crannies.

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We are just finishing up an extensive remodel and cleaning crew was suppose to show up today but didn't :( anyhow I spent the day with a shop vac sucking up drywall dust. Then I mopped the wood floors with vinegar water. I had to take the filter outside several times to shake out the drywall dust. Whatever you do - do NOT use your reg vacuum. It will ruin it.

Hopefully the cleaning people will come Monday. The roads were bad today and they had an hour drive so I didn't blame them - but still...
They need to clean dust from windows, baseboards, doors, etc but a new build wouldn't have those issues. I would think the drywall sanding would've been done before trim etc. even before hardwood installed.

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Mountaineer girl, it is not terribly bad...sanding was all done before hardwood and they covered it, but that dust gets into/onto everything! Beekeepers wife...I will have my DD post pics when I am all done...getting close. My pearl cabinets are in, granite to be done Friday...then backsplash, installing the rest of the appliances and a lot of last minute cleaning..then carpet laid...and move in depends on when they get some more dirt brought in and sidewalk and drive-way poured...and to think the construction crew only started Nov. 24th... I could not be happier with my Amish crew!

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