Evening naps

Abbeys_momJanuary 16, 2002

My Abbey takes a nap around 8:30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm. She is 6 months old. Can someone tell me when they start needing less naps? Especially the 5 pm one... I can never take her anywhere during the evening because she has to have this nap or else she gets cranky. Do the naps just start dwindling down one day?

Abbey's mom

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Oh, I asked this same question awhile ago. DS is just about 7 months and until about a month ago he also took 4 naps, the last one around 5. Now, he goes a little longer between feedings and so only takes three naps, but they are at 8:00, noon, and around 5 also. I don't have any advice about the dinner time nap, just reassurance that your little one isn't the only one sleeping before dinner.

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My 7 mo. old still takes 2-3 naps a day sometimes every 2.5 hours or so. But I take her anyway. She sleeps in the car or in the store or wherever we happen to be. But I've always taken her everywhere. She goes out to dinner, lunch, professional society meetings. I love the dinnertime nap b/c then I can cook and sometimes even eat while she's asleep. She still goes to bed at 8 PM or 8:30 at latest.

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My baby is 6 mos & 3 wks & takes a nap about 1-1/2 hrs. after she wakes (which is almost noon), then another around 3pmish & then one around 6pmish (so about every 3 hrs.). Regardless of when she naps or eats we're on the go. I don't believe in having to rule your life by a schedule. Because of that she can sleep anywhere.

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