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newmomJanuary 10, 2002

I just love this forum! I have a question about baby swings. How long is it ok to leave your baby in the swing? My baby will swing away in her sleep for up to 2 hours but after awhile I feel like I should take her out. How long do you leave your babies in their swings. Also, how do you support their heads so they don't flop? Thanks!

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We have a wind-up swing which we love. I think two hours is the maximum that we've our baby. We used the head support that they sell for strollers or car seats - works great!

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oh my time limit ! My Abbey was very colicky the first 3 months. The swing is the way we could get her to sleep some days. I've let her sleep in it for 3 hours ! I would roll up receiving blankets and prop them on both sides of her. Worked great ! I never took her out until she woke up on her own and got fussy. Enjoy the swing ! It gives you some free time.

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Kayla hates the swing and will only tolerate it when I am in the shower. We have it set up in our bedroom outside our bathroom door. When I go into the shower she hangs out in it. Then I continue to get ready, but then that is it.

I wish I wish I wish she loved it.

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DS will also stay in his swing for a long period of time. He'll nap there and then I'll let him stay in it for a little while after he wakes up, as long as he's happy. Yesterday he took a 3 hour nap in it and today he took a 2 hour nap in it. Now, he's back in it napping again. I'd say as long as the baby is happy, don't worry about the amount of time the baby is in the swing.

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that's sooo funny because we just started putting nyomi in her swing (she's almost 8 weeks and can now hold herself up real well). she was just in it for almost 2 hours, fell asleep and is now sleeping in her bassinet, weird! it must be very relaxing for her! she's never been sooo peaceful!

she always wants to be moving, it's nice to have some help from the swing!

love, jami

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phoebe loves the swing and would stay there all day i think. I've always worried about leaving her in there when she sleeps because then she'll get used to taking naps like that and i won't be able to get her to sleep any other way. i've def. put her in there and left her when she was asleep though. i try not to do that anymore because of what i've said.
it is nice though when she's so fussy. i just put her in there and she sort of zones out for a while. i think its good for her too to get some peace and relax a little. she's always moving (only 2 months) but constantly moving her legs and arms:)

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When my DD was younger and colicky, she was in the swing a lot. She liked the motion, but would get very hot when we were holding her - she seemed to like being put down, but still be moving.

However, I had read (Dr. Sears, I think?) that napping in the car seat or swing is not as restful as being held or napping in a crib/bassinet. So if DD wasn't being overly fussy, I would try to get her to nap in other places, but if she was cranky and the swing helped, then I'd leave her in there as long as she was content!

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I can't believe you posted this! I was going to ask the very same question but searched and found yours first. I have had the same feelings...that I leave Meredith in the swing too long. My husband doesn't understand my concern...he sees how much she LOVES it so tells me to relax. I guess I should. I just feel like I should be holding her all the time. I use the swing twice a day...once for about an hour in the morning while I shower and do my Flylady routine, then another hour in the evening while I take a bubble bath, relax, and get ready for bed.

I'm going to start trying to relax and enjoy the time she's in the swing since she's enjoying it. In the past, I've woken her up after an hour "just because", but now I think I'll let her sleep.


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