What type of cream? do you use when diapering??

loriaJanuary 28, 2002

I am due in a couple of months and haven't seen much research on what to use when diapering. I know that talc in bad. My DH doesn't want us using vaseline because it is petroleum. Destin and the like just seem so sticky, especially since the babies are going to have to survive the summer heat. What are your experiences, what do you recommend??

Thanks so much.

Lori (2)

EDD 6/7/02

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If you use Destin, squeeze it into the diaper so your fingers don't get all gunked up. I use nothing unless she's having diarreha (sp) then I use vaseline on advice of DR.

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I use a cream with zinc oxide that goes on very smoothly for everyday use. If a touch of diaper rash comes up, I use a cream that I purchased from my pharmacist... he makes it up himself - one-third Cortate cream, one-third Barriere cream and one-third Nilstat cream. It really works well.

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unless the baby has a rash, I use absoloutely nothing. If there is a bit of rash, I use lanolin - either plain, or with lavender oil or calendula or comfrey added to it. If you get a tube of lansinoh for your nipples, there will be enough there for both that purpose, and to use on baby's bottom when it's needed.

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I don't use anything unless she has a red bottom. Then we use Desitin Creamy. It is MUCH better than the regular Desitin. The regular stuff is like glue on their little butts! This stuff goes on easy and comes off easy when you wipe it off.

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We go between Desitin and Penaten cream. Both are really good - Desitin spreads easier but the Penaten cream stays on better. We also only use it if we see a red bottom. Good luck with your delivery!

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Thank you so much!!

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OMG Tery7, you just brought back some memories. I haven't heard of Penaten being available in the US, but I used to get my bottoms creamed with Penaten when I was a baby in Germany.
I used to use Balmex on DS, but it got expensive. So now I just use regular Vaseline to keep the moisture away.
Take care

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Hi Honeybina - I'm from Canada and Penaten cream is available everywhere. I'm surprised it isn't available in the US. I learn something knew everyday with the internet!!

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none unless she develops a rash

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We also use Desitin Creamy when he gets a rash. Every night before bed, we use Desitin Powder on his bottom. This powder does not contain any talc, it is made from cornstarch and has 10% Zinc Oxide in it. We use the powder as a preventative since he is in his diaper for 8 hours at night.

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When Johnny's little tush turns red I use A D ointment, use to use Desitin when I had my dd, hated it, it stinks like fish, sticks like crazy. The a d ointment is great, I wouldn't use anything else. Also, the a d ointment that comes w/ zinc oxide didn't work that well, his tush would still be red the next day, the regular stuff works great and it's gone by the end of the day.

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I use either Balmex, A & D or Aquaphor, depending on where I am in the house when I'm changing DS's diaper. I agree with babyblues7 about Desitin. It smells really bad. I hate the stuff. Unlike most other people, I use diaper rash ointment everytime I change DS as a preventative measure. He's never had a rash, so I guess it's working. I recently read that Aloe works well as a diaper rash ointment, so when I run out of the others I'm going to give Aloe a try.

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I tried a number of different brands of diaper rash ointments and creams, before settling on plain old browned flour and cornstarch.

Both pantry items worked better than everything I tried, and was far easier to clean and launder out of the diapers than sticky greasy store bought products.

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