Hair falling out after giving birth?

MommyJanuary 25, 2002

Ever since I gave birth 2 months ago, my hair has been falling out a lot. I've read it's because of hormonal changes. Has this happened to anyone and when does it stop?

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my hair is falling out less now. My dd is 7 months old.


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Everyone is different, but it is common for a woman's hair to get thicker while pregnant then lose the hair after pregnancy. I've been told it's hormonal, I've been told it's the prenatal vitamins, maybe it's both. But I went through it too. So I wasn't actually going bald or anything, it was returning to prepregnancy thickness (or thinness, however you look at it).

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It's normal. Pregnancy affects hair growth cycles compared to normal so that by term, a woman has a lot more hairs on her head than usual. There is less general 'shedding' which normally would have occurred for those prior months. After giving birth it's like all that lost time is made up in that department. It can take months, generally 'sometime' in the first year you should begin to feel your body has pretty much returned to its pre-pregnancy state.

If you notice the effects seem to be more extreme than 'normal' or if you are concerned, ask your doctor or pediatrician about it. Women in the post partum year can experience thyroid problems, or other issues which can be associated with hair loss problems.

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Oh Yeah! I'm just under 3 months postpartum and my hair has been falling out in handfuls in the shower for about 2 months now. I don't know when it stops!

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It has been 4 1/2 months since i have gave birth to my first, and eversince my hair has just been falling out like crazy. i just got a perm a few weeks ago and the woman said it will stop around 7 months. dose anyone know really about when it will stop????????

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When I had my first, it helped very much when I started taking my iron and calcium supplements again, the same that I took while pregnant. But do not sweat it too much: while you are pregnant your hair doesn't fall out at all - just gets thicker and thicker - all the shedding afterwards brings it back to normal I suppose (I read that on Baby Center). Taking the supplements while you nurse is good for your baby. I did it on the pediatrician's recommendation and it helped with my hair too. What worked for me though was a really no care short cut which I still have since I got pregnant again when my first was 7 months (I'm due in less than a week).


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You are losing hair because hair you normally shed on a daily basis doesnt get shed during pregancy. The body holds onto every hair follicle.So what hair you are losing now,isnt actually your hair.It was hair that was supposed to be shed before.It can seem like alot though.

My sister called me crying hysterically after she had her baby saying about 500 hairs just fell out.I told her it was completely normal and not to worry.
I never noticed a change that drastic.Just that my hair wasnt as lush as it was while pregnant.

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Coolmama, I never heard it described like that. Very interesting. Mine was bad every time. I would collect golf ball size chunks in the shower. Fortunately my hair is thick and curly, so I didn't miss it, LOL! Mine stops around 5 or 6 months.

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My little girl is now 4 months old and I lose hair left and right! I read that its normal for a women to lose about 100 hairs a day but after pregnancy she can lose up to 500. With my first baby I don't remember losing this much hair or any at all, but I wanna know when it stops too. My shower, sink and vacumme are clogged! I've been taking prenatial vitimans and biotin (which is for skin hair and nails and you can get it at walmart) and it still comes out in chunks :( hope it stops soon!!!

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