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niktenJanuary 15, 2002

This is a poll about the monitors, I don't have one yet and just want to see what is working for everybody else.

What kind of baby monitor do you have?

Is your baby upstairs from your room or on same floor?

How well does yours work?

If it has any features like lights or music, how often do you use those and do they seem to work?

If you can talk to the baby from your monitor, do you and does that seem to be a good feature?

Thanks for helping me out.

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Don't know the name but it's your basic plug in with battery option. Very staticy on battery.

Also have the camera that transmits to a small TV type thing monitor. It's cool. Gives audio with bar and a very clear picture even in dark.

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We have the Fisher Price 900 mhz model. It has lights and sounds, can be used on battery power or electricity, it can clip to your waistband for portability when used on battery power, and does not have a long antenna that can get in the way. It does not have the feature where you can talk to the child.

It works very well. Our DD's room is across the hall from ours, so we don't need it at night. We use it when she is napping, or asleep for the night and we are either on the main floor or basement where we would not be able to hear her. I have also used it to go outside and get the mail, pull in the garbage cans, etc., when she is napping.

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Just like Karla, we also have the Fisher Price "Sound and Lights" monitor. This monitor happened to be a high recommendation by the Baby Bargains book.

Our DS's room is on the second floor, and it works great. You don't even have to set the volume very high and it picks up everything. I can even hear DS sucking on his pacifier, if I set it loud enough.

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We have the same one!! We love it!! Currently one piece is upstairs by the babies bed and the other downstairs, though she cries sooo loud we don't even need one!
As soon as we move her into her own room we'll put one near our crib and the other by our bed (same floor) so I'll know when she gets up in the middle of the nite.

I totally recommend it!

Love, Jami

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We have the Safety 1st Lights and Sounds one. It works great, and it was fairly inexpensive. (I think we picked it up at WalMart for cheap) Anyway, the biggest reason we got it was because it had two receivers. We had a 2 level house when DD was born and it was a godsend - we had one in our bedroom and one downstairs in the living room...didn't have to keep moving it all the time!!! Good Luck with finding a good one for you!

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We have the Safety 1st Angel Care monitor. We like it because it has a pad that goes underneath the mattress that acts like a SIDS monitor; if baby stops breathing for 20 seconds-- it starts beeping and you know to go and check. It is very sensitive-- kiddo will be WAY out-- but it still knows he's there. Probably not a really necessary thing-- but definitely gave us more peace of mind (especially once kiddo started rolling over and sleeping on his stomach!). Anyway-- the sound quality is ok and the receiver can work on either electricity or a battery. Also-- it has a low -medium- high volume level. Our bedrooms are on the same floor-- but still works well when we take the receiver downstairs. It doesn't have the talk back feature. I wouldn't mind if the receiver was a little more compact and could be clipped to a belt. We got ours on e-bay for like $35 shipping and all-- but have seen them go a little cheaper. They were clearing them out at Target for around $45 last year; they were selling for $90-$100 at ToysRUs last time I looked (last May).



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