Vent Hoods and daily care

khinmn92February 14, 2013

We've been planning our new home for what seems like eons and are hoping that everything will finally come together this spring. I've been drooling over all the lovely kitchens posted here and have learned so much! My question is about vent hoods. My preference would be to have a built in hood insert, but this may be cost prohibitive for us. I do like the look of chimney hoods, particularly the ones with curved glass. I am hesitant to embrace this type though due to concerns about maintaining these on a day to day basis. How difficult is it to keep the glass clean and grease/streak free? I've had experience with a clear glass chandelier that was a real pain to keep dust free. I don't want to add an extra chore to my day to day activities so can anyone with real life experience share your comments? FWIW I'm planning a 36" induction cooktop. TIA!

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I was really hoping others would chime in, as I had the same question. Let's hope this bump, find someone that actually has one.

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Have you tried running a internet search for past threads? I remember one from at least 18 months ago. IIRC, responders were about split between those that said they didn't like the maintenance of a glass hood and those that said it was no big deal. I remember being shocked at that many saying their hoods didn't get all that dirty. I have glass pendants in my kitchen which look dirty every couple of days! I can't imagine climbing up to clean a glass hood, which has to get at least as dusty and grimy as my pendants, every few days. YMMV.

Surely there are some current GW members with glass hoods. Maybe your post title wasn't specific enough to call in glass hood owners.

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I have a glass hood, although it is a little out of the norm. Here is a stock photo of the Miele hood I have:

I was hesitant to post because of what you may think of my housekeeping. ("Daily care"??? Ummm, what is that?)

Mine gets cleaned every other week, and, welll, if it gets dirty in between cleanings, I don't notice it! And we cook a lot. I just went and looked at it, about a week and a half since its last cleaning, and it looks totally fine to me.

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Thanks so much for your responses. Breezy, that's exactly what concerns me...if light fixtures get dusty and grimy I would have to believe that a vent hood would be the same or worse! Angie-I am the last person to comment on anyone's housekeeping!!! I appreciate you sharing your experience. I'm glad to hear that your hood doesn't have to be wiped down every day to still look good between cleanings ... that is reassuring. Maybe that is the difference between a quality hood vs the old undercabinet mounted type that I currently have and is pretty much useless! I'm looking for relatively carefree surfaces in my new kitchen as I would rather spend my time doing anything other than fussing over whether my kitchen is clean! Thanks again!

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My stainless hood gets dusty and some fingerprints (near the switch) pretty much every day, and I wipe it off at least every other day. I realize it isn't the same effort as actually cleaning glass. And with glass, you'd be able to see grease from below as well as dust from the top. But I'm not sure you'd actually have to clean a glass one any more often than stainless. So if you like the glass, get it. Does that make sense?

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