Anyone using Alimentum, Pregestamil, or nutramigen (formula)

AspenEJanuary 16, 2002

Dr thinks Logan might have a milk allergy due to the fact that he spits up A LOT after each feeding, and cries a ton. He originally suspected colic, which could still be the case, but he wants to rule out allergies since they are pretty common in my family and my husbands. We switched to Soy formula for the last week, and since I am breastfeeding too, I abstained from all milk/dairy products. It doesn't seemed to have helped at all. They checked his stools for blood and none was present. When he was on regular formula he had VERY watery stools and now on this Soy his stools have thickened up. I don't THINK he is constipated because they aren't HARD just thicker, but he did strain to pass a stool last night. Anyway, I read today that 30% of all babies who are allergic to milk/lactose are also allergic to the protein in Soy formula. They make specialized formulas like the ones I mentioned in the subject part, and they are pretty expensive. They are elemental (whatever that means) But I just know that they are very mild on their digestive system and almost never cause allergies (often given to pre-mature babies). Just wondering if any of you were using these? If so which one? Is your baby doing well? How much do they cost? Someone told me it costs her 7$ a day. I just want to do whatever it takes to help my baby. Thanks

Aspen (Logan 10 weeks)

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In our Bradley labor class we learned that it will take 2 weeks of you not eating something (ie diary) for it to no longer effect breastmilk so may need some more time. My DD is breastfed and Alsoy and her stools are GREEN and thick. Every once in a while she'll have the yellow breastmilk stool.

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DS was a premie (8 wks) and they did start him on Pregestmil in the NICU. He took that for the first month of his life, while in the hospital. Then when he came home, we found we couldn't get Pregestimil. The hospital coudl get it or a pharmacy but we lead into a dead end with the locak pharmacies. The dr. then prescribed Nutramigen. It's the same as Pregestimil, just for older babies. He took Nutramigen until he was about 9 months old. The Nutramigen costs about $20 a can and yes, it gets to be VERY expensive. We qualified for WIC and did get help from them to buy it or we would have been starving or going without other things we needed. I don't know about in your area but it was impossible to find Nutramigen at the grocery store (where WIC has you go) and only Wal-Mart carried it. So WIC had it arranged so my case of formula was shipped UPS from a warehouse to us to make that easier. He had no problems and is perfectally fine and healthy now~he's 2 1/2.

Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun with this. I hope that one of these work for you and your little guy. Before you decide which to try or the dr. tells you, be sure to see if you can find the stuff at a department store or grocery store in your area. You don't want to start him on something you can't find very easily because there will come a day when you're out and there isn't any to be found!


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Anyone ever thought of reflux? My friends baby has it.

He threw up alot and cried because the acid from his stomach was burning his esophagus. He was prescribed soy formula with rice ceral added to it to thicken it, helps it stay down. And also put on Mylanta at first and then Zantac for the acid reflux.

Just a thought... Hope everything gets better for you.

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Reflux is one of the things we (and dr.) are considering. He wants to check this soy out a bit longer before we put Logan through the x-rays and whatever else goes along with the reflux diagnosis. Dr. doesn't just want to hand out zantac or mylanta with out being SURE. I am glad. We are checking it out though. It might just be plain old colic..who knows. He spit up a lot LESS at daycare yesterday, because she was very careful handling him after feedings and burped him more frequently. We did the same at home and he didn't spit up at all. He ate a ton. He was still pretty fussy last night, but not AS bad as before. Thanks for your thoughts, both of you.


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My ds has been suffering from reflux since he was 5 months. He was refusing solids and projectile vomiting after every other meal. They have had him on Zantac, Prilosec and mylanta. He has had an Endoscopy. That test showed that he has an alergy. He was seen by an alergist. The test for allergies was very simple and pretty much painless for ds although it showed nothing. He was put on Nutramagin. His gastrointerologist said that alot of children that have a problem with milk protiens also have a problem with soy.
Since he has been on the Nutramigin and prilosec he has done so much better. He is not vomiting and is eating great and gaining weight. He is 12 months now. We are slowly taking him off the prilosec and will intoduce milk products slowly.
Talk to your insurance company. Mine pays me back for the nutramigin after my Dr. sent a letter explaining why he needs it.

I hope this helps

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With my last daughter, when I stopped nursing and started regular formula she would constantly spit up. I did switch her to Nutramagin and the spitting up stopped. For my first daugther, she would break out in a rash from regular formula and soy formula would give her diarrhea so she used Alimentum.

The Nutramagin was about $6 for a concentrate can. That was 2 years ago. HTH.

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Hello- My baby was probably the worst at finding a formula for. The first was similac then isomil then isomil DF then nutramigen then finally similac lactose free!! Which was my lifesaver. My baby would have nothing to do with the nutramigen. It smelled horrible to even make it so i could see why he wouldn't drink it. My pedu never even mentioned the lacto free i just happened to try it myself and had a great result.Not to mention it is a whole lot cheaper!!!! Hope this helps a little!!!

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This article is the best thing I have read on the topic. It talks about the dangers of soy too. He specifically talks of the formulas you are asking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Formula fortified

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acid reflux/spitting up....tiny bit of cereal in the formula bottle weighs the formula down on their stomachs. Dr. told me to do it for my grandson's acid reflux. He stopped spitting up! And got fat :-)))) cute little booger.

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