Did anyone have itchy stretch marks postpartum?

angmulJanuary 21, 2002

Hello everyone! My daughter, Daphne, is now one week old. I delivered her via cesarean and my recovery has been very easy. I don't have any back pain, and the abdominal pain is tolerable. I've been able to breastfeed with no problems so far and my daughter is gaining her birth weight back. So far, things are great. DH loves his precious girl and took two weeks off of work to spend time with her and help me. Daphne herself is an easy baby with few fuss fits. No problems, right? Wrong! My formerly pregnant abdomen is very ripe with stretch marks. I knew that I was blessed by the Stretch Mark Fairy before I gave birth, so it wasn't too much of a shock. They itched before, but nothing compared to now. It is so bad, it is almost painful. Does anyone have any recommendations for creams or lotions that can ease this discomfort?


Angelique, mommy to Daphne (born 1/14/02)

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I always used Curel and large amounts of it! Mine were always itchy before and after. Sometimes I would get hydrocortisone cream and slather that on too. That seemed to help more.

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First of all, Daphne is the cuttest name!!!! I love it! I had a c-section as well and was blessed with horrible stretch marks. My hubbie and I used to call them the "ring of fire" they itched so much, and I scratched so much they bled!! I used hydrocortozone cream from the doctor... calomine lotion worked as well. I am on number two now and they are beginning to itch again... especially where my incision is. Good luck


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Yes, I recommend the hydrocortizone creams as well. I too had a c-section and these creams worked wonders. A couple of times I slathered on vaseline. Messy but effective.


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I had my c-section on 12-26 and the itching is just beginning to subside. I was using any lotion I could get my hands on, but found that Burt's Bee apricot oil was the best at relieving the itching.
Did you notice you had more stretch marks afterwards?! I went into the hospital with four stretch marks - two sets of matching ones on both sides of my belly button. I was down for a few days due to mag-sulfate (for preclampsia), but was shocked a few days later when I looked in a mirror! I must have 20+ stretch marks now! Where did they come from?! I asked a friend who just had a baby in October and she said the same thing happened to her! ~ Suzie

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