Nursery Furniture

Carrie33January 22, 2002

What pieces of furniture are in your nursery besides a crib? I was thinking about a changing table and a rocker/glider but how much use will I get out of those items. Also with the changing table I was thinking of getting one of those dressers/changing table but am worried I won't find something to match the dresser later on. So what's worth it and what's not.



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I would skip the changing table - you can always change diapers in the crib, on the bed, etc. I have several changing mats, which costs around $5 or so from Target or Walmart, that I always put under the baby first to protect the sheets.
Also, several people told me that rockers and gliders were much too narrow to hold a baby comfortably, especially if you plan to nurse or bottle feed there. I went with a nice rocker/recliner that I love! (Had to "test" dozens before I found the perfect fit.) My baby was in the hospital for almost 20 days and all they had there were rockers and gliders and I would have to agree - they are not the most comfortable or easy thing to feed a baby in! Great for just "rocking" but not much else, in my opinion. ~ Suzie

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Skip the change table. We bought a solid oak one and only used it for about 5 months. And we had to force ourselves to use it LOL. It is much easier, (and safer) to change baby on the floor or a bed. Gliders are wonderful. Even if you decide not to use it in the babys room, you can always use it elsewhere in the house. The dresser is also a good idea. Even if you don't get it now, you will need it later, once the baby (and their clothes) get too big to fit elsewhere. Good luck with you and yours!!

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We use the top of an old desk for a changing table, but a short dresser would work just as well. I don't recommend buying a changing table, but I do recommend having something to use as a changing table. Using the floor, bed, or whatever when the baby gets older is fine, but when that baby is little, you're still going to be recovering from giving birth. Not bending over as much helps.

I have a rocker glider that I keep in the nursery. I found it to be very comfortable for breastfeeding.

Other than the crib, dh and I didn't buy any special furniture for the baby. We just used what we had. I had a dresser from when I was a child. I repainted that so it looks cute. I also have an inexpensive dresser from when I was in college. It's still in good condition so I left it alone. I've decided that I want to wait on buying "good" furniture until the kids are a little older and need something more permanent. A lot of the really cute furniture sets that people buy for nurseries are really only useful for 2 or 3 years. DH and I decided to save our money for now and buy a nice matching set when the time comes. You might check with some of the local furniture stores in your area. They might have an unmatched dresser that they would sell fairly cheap.

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I didn't use a changing table for DD, but when DS was born we had a ton of friends willing to give us their old one and I really like it. Do you have any friends who could loan you one for the first few months? I've also seen them secondhand for around $25 or so.

Don't bother with the changing table/dresser though - way too expensive and you're right about not having a complete set when your baby is ready for a bed.

Also, skip the bassinet, unless you can borrow one - they barely use them before they're too big.

All we have in DS's room is a crib, the borrowed changing table and a dresser. The second changing table we were given my DH is using as a printer stand!


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I second the post on getting a rocker/reliner rather than a Glider. My $350 glider/ottoman was used all of 5 times in 8 months. I desperately want a rocker recliner but don't have the cash right now. My sister has them in 3 of her rooms and they are phenomenal. You cannot fall asleep (and stay asleep comfortably!) in a glider for a considerable length of time. If you are up with a sick baby that sleeps better more upright, you can get some quality sleep in a rocker/recliner.

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Test out the chairs, but do put a high priority on one. You'll likely be spending at least some time in one comforting the baby, or finding rocking/gliding soothing to you (unless you really don't like motion at all). Make sure you get one you can find comfy. One of the best things/people your baby can have is a comfy mother.

Make sure you have changing surfaces which are of a good ergonomic height for you (and any other adult 'changers' in the house). Make avoiding back strain a priority over style considerations. It's better to feel good really, than to look good in this case. Almost any flat surface can work for changing along with improvisation. Portable changing surfaces can be made if you like, or dresser tops (or buffet tops) adapted for this purpose. A sort of changing table top or gallery thing can be made and secured to any dresser (and removed when the young child no longer needs it).

when tired, at night and in need of comforting a baby and walking just isn't in the cards... a glider/rocker can sometimes be as effective (do test drive different styles though so you can find one you feel comfy in) (upholstery or style considerations can be adapted later make your comfort a priority)

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We were lucky -- my cousin handed down a whole bedroom suite (crib, dresser, changing table/dresser, and dresser with hutch). My mom bought us a rocking chair. I love it, and it will eventually be in the living room.

A comfortable chair is important. Just a word of warning on gliders, though -- I saw a consumer reports special aired where they showed adults and children nearly losing fingers because it's possible to stick your hand down the side and get it caught in the glider mechanism. One of the reasons we stuck with a regular rocker.

And a stool! You'll definately want to be able to elevate your feet when rocking baby.

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I tell you we had a changing table dresser. After the baby is too big for it you just use as a regular dress. These are a must. I guess if you don't have one you don't miss it, but it is much easier to change on the changing table and not on the couch or the floor.

Also a good idea. I put my changing table in the corner of the room and we put two pieces of wood on the wall and took a piece of plywood and cut it to fit behind the changing table and made a shelf. On the shelf I had all the necessities right at hand wipes, etc.

I did not have a rocker. At least this way my baby didn't have to be rocked to sleep every night. One habit I did not want to get into!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you don't have a dresser in the house that you can "spruce" up for the baby, I recommend you don't buy one. I have a 3-drawer one for the baby but the drawers are a pain to open and the clothes get so jumbled up in it. I'm about to move and it's going out in my first yard sale.

I found that a bookcase works great for kids clothes, especially the shorter ones (to avoid them toppling over). I found one that has dividers in the shelves, it has rows of square cubbies, each cubby roomy enough to hold 5-6 complete outfits. I keep my toddlers clothes in outfits, i.e., each pair of pants is folded around a matching shirt. In the morning, my toddler can pick out an outfit and I know it'll match. DH can get him dressed for church or for a play day outside, he knows to go to the proper cubby, Church clothes or play clothes.

Kids clothes are cute so there's no need to keep them hidden in drawers. I find that I use more of the outfits. In the past with dressers, on outfit or two would get lost in the bottom and would never get worn before my son outgrew it.

I'll never buy my boys a clothes dresser now, unless they seriously want one as a teenager. I may even get a couple bookshelves for me and DH, tho I wonder what DH would do if I started putting his clothes in "outfits", hee, hee.

The previous advice about changing tables is great. See if you can borrow one for the first month, after that, you'll probably be changing the growing, wiggling, grabbing everything in reach baby more on wider open spaces (floor, bed, couch...).

And I second a stool to keep your feet up! I think my favorite piece of furniture is the foot stool!! I didn't use a glider or chair, found the corner of the couch the coziest. A recliner would be excellent tho.

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We bought a set of furniture that came with the crib, dresser/changing table and a chest of drawers. This way when DS gets older, we take the changing pad off of the dresser and he has a chest of drawers and a dresser, which will give him plenty of drawer space. I would agree with mhousework that not all of the drawers are easy to open or pratical, so I would open all of the drawers and cabinets many times before buying. Overall, we're very happy with the furniture and are planning on using it for DS until he moves out.

We also have an old fashioned style rocking chair (not a glider) in DS's room, which we are very happy with. I use it to give DS a middle of the night bottle (I also nursed him in it when I was nursing) or to read a book to him before I put him down for bed. If he has a nightmare or isn't feeling well in the middle of the night I'll also rock him then. I was concerned that I wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost (it was expensive), but we have really gotten a lot of use out of it. We also have a recliner in our living room and I have used that a lot too.

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we have a crib, a glider & ottoman, a double dresser, an armoire, a toy chest & 2 nesting tables in 6 mos old daughter's room & could still use more storage.

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:-) So many different opinions! I didn't get anything BUT a changing table. Well, sort of. I bought a dresser from a second hand shop for 12 bucks or so, we painted it white with baby blue, soft green, and pale yellow drawers. It matches a baby quilt I made. We topped it with a contour changing pad. I dislike changing my baby anywhere else. I have kind of a bad back and leaning over hurts. I change him on the floor occasionally but not often. I like having a changing table, all his diapering supplies are neatly in a drawer and, well... I just like it! :)

Oh, we got a rocker recliner too, out of the newspaper for 72 dollars I think. Very comfy, and I like it better than those expensive gliders.

We cosleep, so the crib we were given isn't even put together. :)

Those are my neccesities! I like savin' a dime when I can.


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We bought a high quality dresser from a furniture store, so we can always add pieces later. I have a changing pad thing on top of that. I think it looks 100% better than those baby dressers with the big block on the side. It just looks like "kid furniture". Our dresser is adult furniture, but natural color so it matches the crib. We also have a rocker/recliner and some inexpensive foldaway tables. When we buy her more furniture, we'll ditch the tables.

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We used a big, long, solid dresser (second hand) w/ a contoured top as a changing table. I wouldn't be w/o one. Since it was this dresser, it was sturdy enough to change him/her up until they were 3 or so and potty trained. It just was easier than leaning over the floor, etc.

That was it, really--a crib and this dresser. The one bad thing was the dresser was long, w/ long drawers, and you had to use two hands to open the drawers. What a pain!

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The changing table is the most used thing in our house!
It's the perfect height, though now that 10 week old dd is rolling around we need to watch her extra carefully! It's on top of a dresser and it was given to us with a matching rocking chair.
We don't have a glider and I don't even use the rocking chair that much! I prefer to feed her sitting on the sofa.
We just got her a crib yesterday and I hope she likes it as much as dh and I do! It's soo beautiful and we got a great deal on it!
Furniture wise, that's it, though now what I need is more storage space! I will be figuring it out this week...too much stuff, not enough room!

love, jami

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